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Is My Personality the Right Fit for My Job?

How to "profile" your job and make sure it's a good fit for you!

Do you love your job, or does it cause you frustration?

Either way, it’s because of your Energy Type—and the job’s Type!

It’s almost as if you have to “profile” the job: what’s the quality of the movement?

What does each Type of person thrive in when it comes to a job?

I go over the qualities of a job that will best support each Type of person:

(2:40) – Type 1 energy is light, upward, and fresh. If you’re a Type 1 person, ask yourself if the qualities I talk about here fit the job you have now! You’ll love the tip I give about how to stay consistent and follow through. Also, do you feel the same way about pressure? Does it backfire for you too?

(4:48) – Type 2 energy is soft, fluid, and flowing. If you’re a Type 2 person, you do best in a methodical, relaxed setting. Listen to the qualities that will make you withdraw and pull away. I’m asked all the time if a Type 2 can be an entrepreneur or succeed in sales. My answer may surprise you!

(7:07) – Type 3 energy is determined, substantial, and pushes forward. If you’re a Type 3 person, you’ll love challenges, breaking goals, and proving yourself. There’s one quality of a job that gets old fast for Type 3—has it ever ruined a job for you too?

(8:15) – Type 4 energy is linear, structured, and efficient. If you’re a Type 4 person, you’ll do best when you can perfect things, take ownership, and have authority. But if you’re put in a role that makes you feel minimized, this will wear on you.

(9:16) – What happens when you’re in a job where the energy is mismatched? I go through key frustrations your Type will experience when this is the case.

(12:24) – What’s the best job for each Type? I share insights and testimonials from women from my Lifestyle community who have found jobs they loved thanks to knowing their Energy Type!

Want to learn more about your own Energy Type?

Take the “What’s My Type” Quiz

What jobs have you had that really honored who you are? Leave a comment below!

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