Kate’s Before & After: What’s Keeping You From Feeling & Looking Your Best?

So, you think you're a Type 2?

This episode of the #LiveMakeover show is the very last of its kind! And to end an amazing run of this show, we’re thrilled to welcome back a Type 3 guest you’ll definitely recognize.


Part 1: Kate’s “Type 2” Before


Kate was a recent guest on #EnergyProfilingWithCarol—and her show stirred up a lot of conversation in the community. She found out she was a Type 3, after she was certain she was a Type 2. But now she’s ready to embrace her true self after fighting it!

And once she goes backstage to start her makeover, Carol and Anne answer live questions from our viewers.


Part 2: Kate’s Dynamic After


Kate is hot, hot, hot! Her new, edgy look makes her true beauty come forward—just look at those exotic, green eyes!

What do you like most about her new style? Leave a comment for Kate!


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