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What To Do When You Find Who You Are—But You Don’t Like It

Are you resisting your true Energy Type?

Don’t like your true nature? What’s blocking you from accepting yourself?

This week on #EnergyProfilingWithCarol, I feature a Type 1 woman who shared what helped her decide that she was definitely a Type 1.

Then meet my next guest, Kate, who just discovered her true Energy Type 30 minutes before the show—and it’s hard for her to see it!

What keeps us from seeing who we truly are?

We’re talking inner child healing, face profiling, emotions, and more on today’s episode. And if you want to see how Kate accepted her true nature and embraced her Energy Type in the months after the show, watch her Before & After here!

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Kate went deeper into the topics mentioned in this show and filmed a Lifestyle video to help other women heal their pent-up emotions.

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