See This Petite Woman’s Big Transformation: Veronica’s Before & After

We bust "dressing for your size" myths (How to match your energy, not your size)

You’ve been told that as a petite woman you should wear small prints and delicate jewelry. That may be true for some woman, but not for a rich and dynamic, Type 3 woman like you!

There are many “rules” that we have been taught about what we should and shouldn’t do in our style and fashion. So many of those rules follow a one-size-fits-all approach. But, you aren’t “most women”, you are an individual. In my system of Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth, I teach you how to develop your own “beauty sixth sense” so that you can develop your own personal style, correct for YOU.

Let’s break some rules!

Meet Veronica, a petite woman with very big energy. In my Energy Profiling system, she is a rich and dynamic Type 3 women. She had been following many of the “shoulds”; wearing black eye makeup to match her hair color, dainty jewelry to match her petite size, and wearing black to “look slimmer”. Watch and as my Type 3 Expert, Sarah, and I guide her through jaw-dropping transformation that supports her vibrant vivacious beauty.

In this Before & After we talk about (The makeover begins at 9:55):

  • (5:36) How to wear animal print without it overwhelming you.
  • (7:09) Why you should match your energy and not your size.
  • (7:44) Why your Style Guide helps open you to a world of color.
  • (8:35) No more black! How it makes you look harsh.
  • (9:20) How dressing in angles and texture actually softens you and how people perceive you.

Begin Dressing Your Truth so that you can feel beautiful and dynamic, living the truth of who you really are!

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Video Transcript:

Carol: Hello, this is Veronica. The lovely Veronica. You are a beautiful woman.

Veronica: Thank you, Carol. Thank you.

Carol: And you’ve recently learned you are a Type 3 in my beauty profile system.

Veronica: Yes.

Carol: Now, did you see that right away when you were going through the program?

Veronica: Yes. Yes. Definitely. Because of the characteristics. My husband though he thought I was 1 when we were watching that and I said, “No. I’m 3.” And then he…

Carol: That’s it right there.

Veronica: And then he said, “Oh, really. That’s right.” So, we went through that. So, it was incredible.

Carol: So, Veronica, you now know your movement is more dynamic and you know, we are told, I’m also a Type 3 as you know, we can come across as too aggressive or too pushy. And I do notice when I have that. When I can be more abrupt and be more intense. So, I know for myself, it’s been a huge advantage to go drive my energy with more consciousness.

Veronica: Yes.

Carol: How has it helped you just manage this wonderful energy that is really designed to help create action and movement in the world?

Veronica: Yes. Definitely. I’m more respectful of who am I.

Carol: Yes.

Veronica: And I am more respectful of others, how they feel about me or they perceive me.

Carol: You’re just more mindful of it. You can be more decisive in when you want to be that way…

Veronica: Yes.

Carol: …when it’s better to pull back.

Veronica: Back off.

Carol: Yeah. Calm it down.

Veronica: Dealing with [inaudible 00:01:41]. Yeah.

Carol: Yeah. Now, you’re from Mexico and that’s a…and I’m curious because I’m very familiar with the culture in the United States and I think there is a common culture for women that’s very international, but I don’t know your culture, intimately. Have you found being a Type 3 woman in your culture is different? What were you expected to be like as a woman?

Veronica: More traditional. More traditional So, yes. I felt that I was really masculine.

Carol: More aggressive than you should be.

Veronica: More aggressive.

Carol: It’s so common that you should be more the subordinate that the man is the leader and, “Get in your…”. Yeah. And you’re like, “Get out out of my way.” You have a beautiful complexion, you have darker hair so I could see why black would have been felt like an obvious choice for you.

Veronica: Yes.

Carol: It’s interesting because you would think you could wear black because of your features.

Veronica: Definitely. I thought it was my color.

Carol: Yes.

Veronica: Even white. My gray hair is really white.

Carol: So, this is [inaudible 00:02:49], a fabulous transformation because as you can see as I do, Veronica, you look really…you’re beautiful, you look lovely. So, let’s meet Sarah.

[00:02:59] [music] [00:03:28]

Well, Sarah has done a fabulous job as our Type 3 expert selecting this very dynamic Type 3 outfit for you, Veronica.

Sarah: Hi, Veronica.

Veronica: Hey, Sarah.

Carol: I’m very curious about your first impression of this. How do you feel about it?

Veronica: Animal, animal, animal.

Carol: Animal, animal, animal?

Veronica: Okay.

Carol: Are you drawn to it though?

Veronica: Yeah. But…

Carol: Caught your… Okay. You like…

Veronica: I have to learn that. Yeah.

Carol: Okay. Well, I’m glad you’re being honest because that’s common for Type 3 women that you’re either naturally you’ve noticed you’ve been drawn to it or there’s a level of being drawn to it but it’s to match or I don’t relate.

Veronica: I relate.

Carol: And you said to me off-camera and I wanna mention this that when you were introduced to the shades, the Type 3 colors, that your first impression was they were all browns and golds. Isn’t that common, Sarah?

Sarah: Yeah. Very, very common.

Carol: Well, there’s a whole world of color in the Type 3 world.

Veronica: Yes. I can tell you.

Carol: Sarah wants to show you what she’s selected and also our viewers.

Veronica: Okay.

Carol: And why she feels it’s the perfect outfit for you.

Veronica: Okay. Ready.

Sarah. So, Veronica, we’ve got this fabulous outfit that’s incorporating all of our keywords, all our design lines, all of our five elements of “Dressing Your Truth.” So, it’s gonna be very rich, substantial, dynamic. Everything about this outfit is gonna incorporate those wonderful keywords.

Carol: Just like you.

Sarah: Just like you. That’s right.

Carol: She’s a very tiny woman but she doesn’t come across as…you’re a big energy.

Sarah: Yes.

Carol: So, you need to match that with a big look.

Sarah: Right. A very dynamic look because you’re such a dynamic woman.

Veronica: Yes.

Sarah: And so we’ve got this wonderful outfit. I wanna show you first.

Veronica: Okay.

Sarah: This great layering piece. Now, the texture on this is fabulous. It’s got a nice rich nubby texture and it’s also more of a substantial sweater. Now, animal print can be a little overwhelming sometimes for some Type 3s and so notice we are gonna be layering it. You’re gonna see the pop of the collar, around the cuffs, underneath. So, it’s gonna be more of an accent piece, not the main feature. But this is a fabulous print for all of you wonderful dynamic Type 3s. And also has a great design line here getting a nice V-shape and that angle around the face with the collar.

Carol: The sleeve is coming up too. We always like our sleeves pushed up or that rolled up with the tab is a great look.

Sarah: Now, these pants are a fantastic vibrant and rich shade and very orange but yes, so beautiful. You can wear these vibrant shades. They’re gonna look amazing on you. And a wonderful boot cut is gonna be a nice angle down around the ankle and just really classy, very…but yeah, really dynamic. I love this dynamic animal print. They’re gonna look amazing on you, very slimming. I love a little bit of the heel.

Carol: Show the back on those too [inaudible 00:06:35] I love that little button.

Sarah: Got a little button right here with that gold feature. So fantastic. And now this design line is a rounded point. So, it’s a little bit softer of a point but still that dynamic angle. All right. So, the rest of the accessories, we’re gonna put a nice substantial belt with this piece and it’s gonna really slim your waist, look really nice, add that nice feature on front. And we’ve added a pop of color in the jewelry. Now, this looks amazing with this outfit. As you can tell, it ties in the pants and it gets that beautiful pop of color right by the face.

Carol: The standard fashion advice would be you need to wear petite jewelry.

Veronica: Yes.

Carol: You need to scale everything down to your physical scale. And I’m so excited to put this big chunky necklace on you.

Sarah: Yeah. It’s gonna look fantastic on you. All right. We’ve paired it with some gold earrings and a beautiful cuff with some great features in here. And I’m giving it some texture and this amazing animal print watch.

Veronica: Okay. Great.

Sarah: You’re gonna look fantastic.

Veronica: Great, great.

Carol: These are fabulous, Sarah. Let’s hold the style guide up just so everyone can see how that does connect, harmonizes with all the colors that she’s chosen. And even the prints are working really well.

Sarah: Yes.

Carol: So, we’ve got all the keywords expressing, the textured, angular, rich, that dynamic substantial quality of a Type 3. And we can obviously see that your outfit right now is more structured, precise, very high contrast. And so it’ll be fun to see you in the movement that’s true to you and really bring out your very rich dynamic quality of beauty. So, are you ready?

Veronica: Yes.

Carol: I wanna tell you real quick about your hair though.

Veronica: Okay.

Carol: Now, you’ve got some gray coming in.

Veronica: Uh-huh.

Carol: I’m very honest with Type 3 women that gray hair ages us more than any other type of women.

Sarah: I would agree.

Carol: There’s nothing rich and dynamic about gray hair.

Sarah: No.

Carol: No more black mascara.

Veronica: Okay.

Carol: No more black eyeliner.

Veronica: Okay.

Carol: I know that’s a little shocking, huh, because you think, “Well, I should be able to use that.”

Veronica: Yes. Because of my hair and my…I don’t know, my color.

Carol: Yes. Well we’re really gonna bring out that rich warmth quality.

Veronica: Okay.

Carol: So, it’s important even in the makeup that in the “Dressing Your Truth” world, we just don’t do black in the Type 3 world. And it’s interesting because you have beautiful skin but the black around your eyes is just…

Sarah: It’s too severe.

Carol: …putting more texture. It’s too severe.

Sarah: It’s too severe.

Carol: It’s harsh.

Sarah: It’s too of a high contrast with your energy. We want it to be more of a medium contrast like we’ve talked about with all of our elements with “Dressing Your Truth.”

Carol: So, everything we’re gonna do including this beautiful outfit, your hair, your makeup is actually gonna soften.

Sarah: Yeah. It is.

Carol: Soften you.

Veronica: Yeah. That’s good.

Sarah: Yeah.

Veronica: I’m not gonna be aggressive then, [inaudible 00:09:31]? Even it’s just…

Carol: Well, you could be aggressive in your movement but it feels safe to people now because it doesn’t feel…

Sarah: It’s authentic.

Carol: …because what they’re saying feels very inviting.

Sarah: Yeah. It’s authentic. It’s true to your energy.

Veronica: Yeah. Okay.

Carol: So, you’re ready to go?

Veronica: Ready. Very excited.

Carol: Yay. We’re excited too. Thanks for your willingness.

Veronica: No. Thank you too.

Carol: You are welcome and thank you, Sarah.

Sarah: Yeah.

Veronica: Thank you, Sarah.

[00:09:54] [music] [00:10:23]

Carol: This is where it gets exciting.

Sarah: Yes it is.

Carol: So, how did it go?

Sarah: Amazing. She looks incredible.

Carol: Better than you could hope for?

Sarah: Yes.

Carol: So, we got great results here?

Sarah: They’re incredible. She’s so captivating, so beautiful. I can’t wait for you to see her.

Carol: I’m excited. So, let’s take a look at her before picture, before her reveal. Sarah, I think we’re ready.

Sarah: Okay. Veronica, come on out.

Carol: Woohoo. Oh, wow.

Sarah: Look at this woman.

Carol: I love it. You know my first impression is there’s no reference to your height, your size. It’s like you’ve shown up.

Veronica: Yeah.

Carol: You’re so dynamic looking.

Veronica: I bet.

Carol: How did you feel?

Veronica: Oh, I feel great.

Carol: What do you love about it?

Veronica: Well, that it’s me.

Carol: Yes.

Veronica: And that it’s not that aggressive. It softened me a bit. And so I can’t be that aggressive with that look, you know, being [inaudible 00:11:25]. SoI love it, I love it.

Carol: These oranges are varied, the shades are strong. How do you feel about that?

Veronica: I think this makes me just vibrate or go up.

Carol: You can see that in your face.

Veronica: Yeah.

Carol: I’m glad you can see it because we certainly do.

Veronica: Yes.

Carol: And so Sarah, what…I know you made some choices very specifically for Veronica. What are you…

Sarah: I did.

Carol: …loving?

Sarah: Yeah.

Carol: How it turned out?

Sarah: So… Well, my favorite features with this outfit are the touches of animal print that we got for Veronica here by the face, here in the sleeves right here, down below, and then matching it with the shoes. I just feel like it’s spunky, matches your energy and just really nice right around your face. I also think this more substantial piece of jewelry and this gorgeous color, it’s just gorgeous right next to your face and bringing those pants together and then it just all really resonates and it’s so gorgeous together.

Veronica: Yes. I love it. I love it.

Carol: We won’t do this but you can imagine if we took away the belt or we took away the necklace, we’re removing an essential piece to bringing it all together. And we’ll comment. I love your hair.

Sarah: Yeah.

Veronica: Thank you.

Carol: I love it. And this is the first time she said to me that she has what she referred to as virgin hair, it had never been colored. So…

Veronica: Yes.

Carol: …it appears it’s working out. I love it.

Veronica: Yes.

Carol: How do you feel about it?

Veronica: Great. Again, soften a little bit my face and just… I don’t know. I think I was afraid that my black gone I was going to lose something in my face.

Carol: Somehow they wouldn’t relate…

Veronica: Uh-huh.

Carol: …that you’re too dark, maybe too much of a dark brown almost black hair color. I like that with a movement here and you can see in your finishing the way it’s been stylized with the right product, the right styling tools, it’s enhanced, the cut’s great. But without that finishing of bringing out that texture, that’s what just creates a great Type 3 hairstyle and especially Veronica’s great Type 3 hairstyle now.

Sarah: Yeah. I wanna point out the asymmetrical quality to it.

Carol: Yes.

Sarah: Just how honoring that is around her face. It’s so beautiful.

Veronica: Yes. I love it. I love it.

Carol: When you’ve put an outfit together that’s expressing all five elements with all of the components, we’ve got the clothing, we’ve got the accessorizing, the hairstyle, the makeup, the movement of your appearance now should and does express your Type 3 movement which the keywords are active, reactive, textured, angular, rich, substantial, dynamic, and swift. And, we can see in Veronica’s outfit, thanks to Sarah’s inspiration, we see Veronica and all of that supporting her, so that movement matches you now.

Veronica: Yes.

Carol: And you look amazing.

Veronica: Thank you.

Carol: You can see the harmony.

Sarah: I just wanna point out again if you went it with just a plain neutral pant with this it wouldn’t be as amazing.

Veronica: You’re right.

Carol: Play with color because that color just really is just so beautiful and vibrant and there’s so much more than just neutrals for Type 3s.

Carol: Yes.

Sarah: Yeah.

Carol: So, Veronica, Sarah and I would like to invite you to do our 30-day challenge.

Veronica: Okay.

Carol: You love a challenge?

Veronica: Yes.

Carol: Okay. So, the 30-day challenge is where we invite you to only dress your Type 3 style for the next 30 days.

Veronica: Okay.

Carol: Even if you have five things in your closet, which Type 3s are pretty quick in rebuilding a wardrobe, like out with the old, in with the new.

Veronica: I’m into it.

Carol: You’re in?

Veronica: Yes. I’m in.

Carol: Here’s your style guide. It’s fabulous.

Veronica: Yes. I love it.

Carol: So, how has this experience today supported you in understanding yourself better and just feeling like you’re coming alive now?

Veronica: Just like more balance. I don’t know. Something new. Just for decent hours of the day, just incredible. Incredible.

Carol: Well, thank you. And the program’s designed to support you in having that personal experience. Even though you’re not standing with us here, we’re with you there. Our energy is there with you to support you in your journey, to trust your beauty sixth sense as you develop that to have the same experiences Veronica has had here with us. We, we’re coming to you. You’re going the same experience. Just invite our energy in to support you. And it does. Thank you, Sarah.

Sarah: Yes, of course.

Carol: It’s been a delight to work with you, Veronica.

Sarah: It’s been wonderful.

Veronica: Thank you. It has been an incredible time, special time.

Carol: Thank you. Thank you to all of you for letting us support each of you and living true to who you are as a woman.

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