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Michelle’s Fierce & Fun #LiveMakeover Takes Years Off Her Appearance!

It’s another #DYTLiveMakeover! Meet Michelle, a rich and dynamic Type 3 woman.

Part 1: Michelle’s Before
Michelle is a mother of 12 and has been dressing her truth for 3 years! She wants a look that’s quick and easy to support her go-go life—and her secondary, Type 1 energy!

Watch her “before” below, and stick around while Carol and Anne answer live questions from our viewers.


Part 2: Michelle’s Exciting Reveal
Michelle’s was worried that her “after” would be too much, that she’d come across in a negative way. Instead, she received nothing but glowing compliments from the community!

You won’t believe she’s had 12 children! Not only does she look years younger, but her spirited energy fits her new appearance—fierce and fun! Watch the “after” video below and leave Michelle an awesome comment!


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