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What’s a Hooded Eye & the Makeup Solution For It

This common eye shape could be the reason you aren't seeing your eyeshadow.

Disappearing shadow, melting eye, punched-in-the-eye! Oh my! Let’s avoid these looks.

Dressing Your Truth Makeup Expert Anna K and Type 4 Expert Kalista demonstrate how to know if your eye is hooded. Then, you’ll learn the shadow and contouring tricks to get the most gorgeous eyes possible.

Anna K shows you step-by-step how to create this look for yourself using a light, a medium, and a dark color of eyeshadow in your own Type’s makeup colors.

Watch the video for other little nuggets of info like, an expert application tip at the 3:45 mark, what your “tight line” is, and where your brows should end!

Products used by Anna K in this tutorial:

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