Lip Liner With No Feathering or Fading—X Marks The Spot

How to Correctly Wear Lip Liner (it's easier than you think)

Are you ready to have beautifully lined lips and stop feathering in its tracks? Are you ready to find and define your cupid’s bow (those cute little points at the top of your lip)? Then get ready for Anna K’s lip liner tips for perfectly defined, and fabulously gorgeous lips. (It’s quick and quite easy too!)

Prep (00:28) – These two steps set the stage for soft supple lips.

Technique (2:26) – See the key lip liner tip (it’s pure gold) that will give you lips free of feathering, with clean defined lines that keep your lips looking fabulous and on point (wink)!

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Video Transcript

Do your lips need a little lift? Well, I have a technique that is so quick and so easy it will leave your lips fabulously shining and gorgeous all day long.
Before we get started with this technique, you need to prep the lips. One of my most favorite products is our sugar scrub. It is really great because of what it does to your lips. It exfoliates them to a place of bliss and heaven. So I just put it on here, a little bit on my finger. You could just dip your finger right into it, I just don’t like to contaminate my product all the time. So you just get a little bit on your finger and then rub. Rub, rub, rub. And it exfoliates. Tastes pretty good, too. And it really gets all those little extra pieces of skin gone. It does what it says, it exfoliates. Really yummy. A little tissue, just take it right off. Oh, yeah. It not only tastes good, it feels so good, too. Yummy. Make sure I get all those little granules off. Beautiful.
And now, I’m ready for the next one which is our invisible liner. I love our invisible liner for the wearability that it makes your lipstick and gloss and everything else. So I’m going to show you how to put this on. You start on the inside of the lip and you work out. So you do fill in the whole lip. It’s not just something that you wear on the outside of lip. It’s an entire lip covered. So I just do this right here. It’s almost like coloring in with a crayon. You just go all the way out. You don’t have to be so careful because, well, it’s invisible. One of the reasons I love this product the most is because of feathering and as I’ve gotten a little bit older, I have cute little friends up here that my lipstick will feather into. This stops it in its tracks. I love, love, love the invisible liner. So if you don’t have this, you really do need it because it’s really great.
Now that my lips are ready to roll, we are ready to start talking about the technique. Now this technique is called, “X Marks the Spot,” and this is why. We’re going to go from the tip of the top of your lip on each side and make an X like this.  Really quick, really easy, and now I have a big X on my lips, so what do we do now? Well, we draw a little line down here to match it. And I don’t know if you have this problem, sometimes I do, where my lip liner gets a little bit out of control. This really helps kind of connect those dots and make it really easy and really simple so that it’s not so…  It’s because I have a problem on this side. Sometimes my liner kind of goes…and I think everybody does. They have like a place on their face where the liner just, like I don’t know why my arm just… But this really stops that and it makes that X right here, make these perfect. So now I’m going to draw those lines in.
And if you notice, it’s not a straight line. I’m kind of feathering that in just a little bit so that it’s not so…I’ve got a little sugar residue there. Yum. So now you can see I’ve done this part, I’ve done the bottom, and now I’m ready to go on this side. The reason you want to do the X is that it really helps to define your lips. So if you don’t have a defined Cupid’s bow naturally, you can create that with the X, making a definition. So it really gives a…it’s a nice technique for definition and giving your lips more fuller, more prominent. So I like to rub it together just a little bit and that’s really about all I’m going to do.
Now I’m going to do the lipstick using my lip brush. I am gonna get this quite saturated. I like to load up this brush quite a bit because what helps is I follow the lines that I’ve created with the X. So here’s this line right here. Keeping in lines with that X. I’m gonna to do the other side. Ta-da. And then the bottom lip’s an easy one. I really do like the lip brush, though, because it gives you more control than your lipstick. You know, you have your lipstick shape and that’s kind of what you’ve got to deal with, but with your lip brush, you can manipulate with your hand. And if you choke up on it like this, you’ll be able to have a lot more control than if you’re back here. So, you know, I like to go to about right there. Gives me pretty good control. And rub it together, and voila.
But we are not finished. No, we are not. I’m also going to do, following that same technique I just did with the lip brush with my lip gloss. Again, really making that Cupid’s bow defined. Now by doing this technique, I’ve really emphasized my Cupid’s bow and if you don’t have one or if it’s thinner, you can always add that dimension by using this technique. I think you’ll be really happy with the results that you’re gonna get. It’s really fantastic and quite easy. And don’t forget that invisible liner. It really will help this look to stay a very, very long time. Hours.

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