Are You a Type 2? (Who’s Actually Not a Type 2.) Sam’s Before & After

What's going on when you confuse energy movements.

The True Power of Your Beauty Sixth Sense

Sam wasn’t feeling 100% confident in her assessment of herself, which is why she came in for this Confirm Your Type session (#TruthBomb). Within 3 ½ minutes, I confirm her Type of beauty with 100% accuracy using the tools and processes that I teach in my book It’s Just My Nature. Watch for Sam’s reaction (3:24) and see how her Beauty Sixth Sense was strongly guiding her. You’ll love her after at 15:15. Her stunning beauty really comes forward.

Sam had mis-Typed herself by making a mistake that women of her Type sometimes make. She began Dressing Your Truth as a Type 2, but she was interpreting her personal style through the movement of her truth Type, giving her clues.

I know you’ll enjoy watching this live and in-person #TruthBomb complete with a Before & After!

Here are the highlights:

  • (3:24) See Sam be blown away by her #TruthBomb.
  • (4:37) Why Type 4s with this secondary sometimes mis-Type themselves as Type 2.
  • (6:17) How I used Face Profiling to help her see her truth.
  • (13:15) How the Type 4 tendency to over-analyze could get you off track
  • (15:15) See her stunning “After” reveal!
  • (21:13) How to allow the processes of the “perfect” hairstyle.
  • (24:50) Why my book Remembering Wholeness may be the book you need to start with.

Did you mis-Type yourself? What helped you see your truth?

Start Dressing Your Truth so that you can feel beautiful and amazing, living the truth of who you really are! Start with my free Beginner’s Guide.

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