My Personal Top 5 Weight Loss & Weight Management Tips

Change your habits, beliefs, and choices—it's easier than you think!

I used to believe I was ugly. This caused issues with food and weight that lasted for decades. Finally, about 10 years ago, I healed this dysfunctional pattern once and for all. Every day, I incorporate these five habits that help me easily maintain my healthy weight. They can change everything for you too!

My Top 5 Easy Weight Loss & Weight Management Tips

(3:23) – 1. Could the size of your dinner plate create a lack mentality? Listen to what I do to avoid huge plates and feelings of deprivation.

(4:30) – 2. Do you eat on the run? Have grab-and-go tendencies? I do. But I make a point to sit down and mindfully eat more of my meals. This engages all my senses to create a pleasurable experience with my food.

(5:43) – 3. Movement is key! I share my favorite system to track my sitting, standing, steps, and exercise every day.

(8:35) – 4. Do you eat up until you go to bed? I stop eating at the same time every day—and it’s earlier than you may think! (I also share a bonus tip about this one. Hint: intermittent fasting.)

(10:37) – 5. My last tip is a mantra I used until it created a new belief: “I easily maintain my healthy weight.” This impacts your weight, fitness, and food cravings.

If this mantra feels out of reach for you, I highly recommend doing the Clearing Walk in The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. This powerful clearing will remove interferences you’re storing in your body that prevent you from creating healthier habits.

Clear your issues with food for good.

On January 6th, I’ll be personally guiding Healing Center members through the 4-week Healing Plan for Weight Loss. This group-supported experience is powerful. You’ll walk alongside others who are clearing their deeper issues, emotional patterns, and psychological beliefs that provoke poor choices with food.

You’ll discover all of the hidden reasons you’re not losing the extra weight. You’ll have a different experience with food for the rest of your life.

Join the Weight Loss Cure today!

I’m looking forward to supporting you in this 4-week experience. Leave a comment below if you’re joining us this January!

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