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Are You a Hugger? What Your Hugs Say About You

The way you hug reveals a lot about who you are

You see a friend or meet someone for the first time—do you go in for the hug? Or do you save it for someone special?

Your hugs say a lot about who you are, whether you’re a hugger or not!

In the world of Energy Profiling, there are 4 expressions of movement and energy. You see these 4 Types express themselves everywhere in the natural world, in flowers, in your pets, and yes, even people!

It’s fun to see how the 4 Energy Types express themselves. Let’s look at the way each of the 4 Types hug and what that can say about who you are:

Type 1 – The Fun Hugger

Out of all the 4 Types, Type 1 people are the most apt to give or receive a hug.

Type 1 energy is light, random, buoyant, animated, upward, and radiant. People who express Type 1 energy tend to be positive, and they see all the possibilities in life.

Type 1 people feel the excitement of seeing people and like to hug everyone. They also can be especially drawn to reach out to hold babies. But Type 1 people are also able to read body language; if they sense that someone isn’t open to a hug, they won’t make you feel like you have to hug. But sometimes Type 1 energy is hard to resist! If you have a Type 1 friend, they bring out a lightness in you that makes you feel safe and uplifted.

Type 2 – The Gentle Hugger

Type 2 Energy is soft, subtle, fluid, and graceful. People who express Type 2 energy are peaceful, soothing, gentle, and calm.

They like to give and receive hugs when the setting is right, and they can overthink whether or not the situation would be awkward if their hug isn’t well-received. They move through the world with an emotional connection, so a Type 2 person may feel inclined to give a long hug when they feel someone is in need of emotional support.

True to their nature, Type 2 people prefer to not be tackled when it comes to receiving hugs! They never feel bothered by heartfelt hugs and prefer to avoid hugs that feel more formal, like a handshake.

Type 3 – The Bear Hugger

Type 3 energy is substantial, active, and swift. People who express Type 3 energy tend to have a “push” in their movement, true to their driven nature.

As you may expect from that description, Type 3 people are experts at Bear Hugs! Many of them often give big, substantial hugs when greeting people they know. They tend to prefer big hugs over soft and gentle hugs. Because of their physical connection with the world, they may feel an energetic pull to hug someone if they sense it would help that person feel better.

At the same time, there are plenty of Type 3 people who aren’t drawn to giving or receiving hugs. Type 3 people have a practical, “get to the point” mentality, and sometimes warm and fuzzy hugs just don’t come to mind!

Type 4 – The Selective Hugger

Type 4 energy is still, reflective, and precise. People who express Type 4 energy are perceptive, bold, and naturally proper.

Because of this, there’s a common misconception that they don’t like to hug others. They certainly do—but they’re more selective and particular about it.

For example, they may not like hugs that linger too long. They prefer hugs that feel more structured, like a handshake: 1, 2, 3, out. They also don’t like hugs that happen as an everyday greeting. To them, a hug is an intimate expression of affection and is better used to express joy or compassion. They’re always willing to give a hug to someone in need of comfort. And while they don’t tend to initiate a hug otherwise, they are always open and happy to receive one.

What Type of hugger are you? Which description (or combination of them) sounds most like you?

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