How Photos of Your Ancestors Can Give You Clues About Who They Are

What Type are your ancestors? (& why it matters...)

Want to get deep insight into your ancestors—even if you barely knew them? Let’s talk about the best way to get a clear picture of who they are.

This episode of #EnergyProfilingWithCarol is all about discovering the Energy Type of your parents and grandparents. My 6 guests have all submitted pictures of family members that we will be face profiling. Watch how discovering their Energy Types helps these guests understand their parents and grandparents better.

This can be incredibly powerful. Learning some of my ancestors’ Energy Types helped me with my own healing! Even if you didn’t know them while they were alive, now you can get a sense of who they are.

What “aha” did you have watching today? Did this deepen your understanding of Dressing Your Truth? Leave a comment below and share your takeaway from this show!

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