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How to Tune In When You Just Want to Go! Q&A with the Experts

You’re a busy “get it done” kind of lady. We get you!

That’s why you may have missed the live broadcast of Q&A with the Experts. Sarah and Anna K always look forward to supporting you during this hour, and we love supporting you when it’s done by sharing the recording so that you can watch it again and again!

So go grab your load of laundry and fold it (we know you’re great at multi-tasking) while you catch up on this awesome event. Here are just a few of the topics that were covered:

  • Did Sarah think like a Type 3 when she was living as a Type 2? Do you always think true to your nature?
  • What to do when you’re 36, going gray, and a little embarrassed about it. Can you go gray and stay Type 3?
  • How to handle being part of a wedding where the dress makes you feel washed out.
  • Are you still a Type 3 if you have a softer voice and are not athletically inclined?
  • Tips on raising two Type 3 children.
  • How to set your expectations for the postpartum season when you’ll have to slow down more. (Anna K’s honest reflection of this time of her life just might make you cry…)
  • Plus beauty tips on making your thin lips look more full and how to wear a pony tail as a Type 3.

Sarah and Anna K also discuss wellness for the mind and soul as they touch on the importance of meditation (even when it feels boring!), as well as tuning into your body and honoring the need for self-care when illness strikes.

What was your biggest “aha” moment? Share it in a comment so your fellow Type 3 sisters can learn with you!

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Type 3 resources mentioned in this broadcast:

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These items were in stock at the time of this recording. If they’re not available anymore, browse the rest of the Type 3 Store. You’re sure to find something else you love!

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