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See What Our Newest Type 1 Expert Has to Say! Q&A with the Experts

Meet Stephanie, Dressing Your Truth’s newest Type 1 Expert!

We are so excited to have her with us, ready to support you on your Type 1 journey! We loved having her answer your questions during this Q&A session with Jaleah and Marcy.

Together, these bright and cute experts gave amazing insight to the following questions you submitted:

  • I’ve been dressing as a Type 1 for a while, but I often fall back on jeans and t-shirts. How do I feel less clumsy and embrace my own beauty?
  • How do I tell the difference between bright Type 1 and bold Type 4 colors?
  • How do you express sadness and empathy as a Type 1 without feeling disingenuous?
  • I’m an interior designer, and I spend a lot of time perfecting details. How is that different from a Type 4’s gift of perfecting?
  • I have zillions of ideas for craft projects, but then the energy drains away. How do I get the energy and focus to carry out my goals?
  • How can a Type 1 find their secondary Type when they’re all over the place with all the different Types?
  • Socially, I’m more Type 4 than Type 1. Going places and having fun all the time exhausts me. I love being alone. Is this normal?
  • Can Type 1s get very angry?

You’re going to learn so much from their discussions! You’ll also love hearing Marcy’s wise tips about making a marriage harmonious among different Energy Types.

Start Dressing Your Truth Today!

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