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Have Type 3 Features But Don’t Look Good in Type 3 Colors? Q&A with the Experts

Q&A with the Experts—what’s that all about? We’ll tell you: it’s like having one-on-one time with Sarah and Anna K. Can you think of a better way to get your Type 3 questions answered? We can’t!

Our Lifestyle members asked some excellent questions for our Type 3 Experts, some of which were…

  • What color would a Type 3 person wear to a formal or Black Tie affair?
  • My Type 2 husband works at a job where he feels underappreciated. He wants to start his own business, but his need for details has halted the process. Any tips to support him? (Listen for Sarah’s answer as she shares her personal experience with this!)
  • Depending on where I am or who I’m interacting with, my secondary Type 2 becomes dominant. How do I keep my secondary from taking over
  • How can I deal better with my anxiety? Any tips for moving on from these thoughts and worries?
  • What are some shows Anna K has worked on?
  • How important are Type 3 pajamas?
  • Do you have ideas for up-do’s when I want my hair out of my way?
  • Are all Type 3s loud, go-getters? I’m extremely quiet and have been for as long as I can remember.
  • I think my features are Type 3, but I don’t look good in Type 3 colors. What to do?

You’ll enjoy hearing the girls discuss why forgiveness is so important. Our Lifestyle members who watched the event live absolutely loved Sarah’s tip about “Gratitude Breathing.” See it for yourself in the recording below, and leave a comment to tell us how it has helped you.

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