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Think You Might Be a Secondary Type 2? The Experts Weigh In

These tips help you live true to your secondary Type 2 nature

Are you a bit of a softy who loves snuggling and romance?

If you have a secondary Type 2 energy, you’ll notice an overall softness to you, whether it’s in your voice or your facial features.

Today, you’ll hear from Stephanie (Type 1/2), Sarah (Type 3/2), and Liz (Type 4/2) who all share:

  • How they keep their secondary Type 2 from running their lives
  • What Sarah needs to prioritize or else she becomes indecisive and wishy-washy
  • What Liz loves about grocery shopping
  • How Stephanie has learned to honor her true nature and disconnect when making decisions

Do you have two keywords that help guide your fashion choices? The Experts share theirs to get you started.

How can your secondary Type 2 energy better support you? Leave a comment below and tell us!

Pick your Energy Type combo and learn even more:

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