The 3 Best Anti-Aging Makeup Must-Haves for Women Over 50

Grow older without aging, looking your best at any age!

Is your face looking older than you want it to?

I like to tell people my age and see the surprise when they realize that I’m over 60 years old. I feel like I look really good for my age! There are many habits and practices in my lifestyle that help me stay young, to learn more about those go here. Or check out my very best tips for over 50 women on fashion.

I’ve just released my full skincare routine on my YouTube channel. As soon as you’re done watching this video be sure to click over and subscribe to see it.

Today I want to share with you three products (one’s NEW) that I use before applying my foundation to reduce the appearance of lines and pores, for a smoother more professional, younger-looking finish. You’ll love how you look when you use these products. (See the difference in my before and after at 9:05)

I’ve asked my Dressing Your Truth Makeup Expert, Anna K, to help me demonstrate why they work and where on the face you should use them to nearly erase lines (learn Why I Never Say the W-word), visible pores, crepey eyes, and to keep your lipstick from feathering. Also, learn why incorrect prep and foundation applications can actually age you, makings your lines and pores look larger. You don’t want that.

My 3 anti-aging products for smooth radiant ageless skin (starts at 2:17):

  1. Instant Action Wrinkle Smoother– Where to apply it and how to know if you’ve got too much.
  2. Skin Smoother (this one’s NEW)- Refine both large and small lines and reduces pore size.
  3. Invisible – Waterproof Gel Lip Liner– How to use it and why this doesn’t affect the color of your lipstick.

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Let these powerfully affect products enhance the look and feel of your skin, giving you a more youthful appearance.

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Video Transcript 

Carol: Feeling discouraged when you look in the mirror? Feeling like your face is looking older than you want it to? Today’s products are going to help you minimize that.

Well, a couple old ladies here decided to give you a few tips. Just kidding, I never refer myself as old. I guess you could say I am 62 years old. That’s just a fact. It is what it is. And you are?

Anna Kay: Well, and if that… I am 47. We make old look good then.

Carol: That is true. I kind of like to tell people my age because I figure, as a Type 3, I look pretty good, huh?

Anna Kay: You look really good.

Carol: I know, I feel like saying, “I’m 62 and I look good, huh,” you know, “for a Type 3.” We’ve got three products that we’ve chosen that we’re going to show you and we’re going to demonstrate how to use them as Anna Kay teaches us about why they’re working and why you wanna use them that will minimize the areas of the face that tend to age first. What are those areas that we’re going to treat today?

Anna Kay: The eyes.

Carol: Yeah, the eyes.

Anna Kay: Of course, it’s always the eyes.

Carol: So, we’ve got the crepiness up here. It’s very thin skin also.

Anna Kay: Yes, and it can be damaged easily, and if you have, like, circles under your eyes and that kind of thing, it’s because that skin is so thin that it’s bringing all those veins to the surface and that’s what you see. It’s not that someone hit you.

Carol: So, you’re dealing with crow’s feet here, crepiness up here, and you wanna minimize that because eye makeup can actually often make it worse if you’ve not treated it and then if you don’t know how to use the eye makeup properly, which you have great content on that as well.

Anna Kay: Thanks.

Carol: Okay, what’s our next area?

Anna Kay: The next area would be actually the whole organ of the skin. The skin itself, just on the face, gravity setting in, things are kind of falling, pores are getting bigger, and so our next product will kind of take care of that.

Carol: And then, the last one, it’s something I’ve dealt with, is feathering on the lip and your lip color bleeding into that, so that is the other area we’re going to show you how to prevent. You may be asking when do I use these, this is after your skin care regimen, and I have a new Carol’s Healthy Skin Care regimen that was just published on YouTube. It will be on the website within a couple of days of our publishing this video, so check that out because that’s the precursor to this.

Anna Kay: Yes, so this should be after…

Carol: Now we’re using these products.

Anna Kay: …your moisturizer, after, so you’re about ready to put on your makeup.
Carol: So, let’s start with our eyes.

Anna Kay: Okay, let’s do it. So, this is called the Instant Action Wrinkle Smoother, and the trick to this is a little bit, ladies, a little bit.

Carol: Well, yeah, the size of a container dictates the amount to be used.

Anna Kay: I love to say that.

Carol: So this is a small, so you use a small amount.

Anna Kay: Just a little bit. And you just apply it right underneath the eye and I actually like to use my ring finger or you can use your pointer finger, just right here.

Carol: See, I have a very tiny, tiny amount.

Anna Kay: See, I even do like half of that. I do, like, this much.

Carol: Yeah, because you’re just tapping it under each eye.

Anna Kay: And if you put too much on, you know you’ve got too much on when it’s got white or you see, like, a patch.

Carol: Or it takes you too long. It should feel dry.

Anna Kay: No, yeah, it should dry pretty quickly. Look at me. Did you see magic happen before your eyes?

Carol: Yeah, like, everything went, “Woo.”

Anna Kay: It does.

Carol: I feel like this smooths it out.

Anna Kay: It makes it very smooth. Now, when you put your foundation and other makeup on top of this, if you have concealer, say you do have some undereye areas that you need to take care of, circles, this stuff, it can go right over the top of it. It’s not a problem.

Carol: Here’s a bonus trick. I take a little bit more and…

Anna Kay: Oh, yeah, I do do that.

Carol: …I go over my lip, because this, again, is an area that has a similar aging effect to the skin up here.

Anna Kay: And I got, like, this one big one right here. I like to just kind of focus a little right there on my issue area.

Carol: Now, I’ve supported that part of my face as well.

Anna Kay: It looks good. And I can tell that you haven’t put on too much because I don’t see any white or any, like, crusty stuff. You know you’ve got too much when it starts to…I think there was somebody who called in, like, “It’s white. Why is it so white?” I’m, like, “Woah, you gotta cut back on that.”

Carol: What about bags, inflammation that can happen here?

Anna Kay: It’s really great for reducing puffiness and swelling, anything like that. It just…it’s magic.

Carol: Great.

Anna Kay: It’s magic.

Carol: So, let’s move to the face in general. Now, this next product is a support to your entire complexion, the whole surface of your skin of your face. What is this one?

Anna Kay: So, what this does is it helps to refine large lines and small lines.

Carol: Okay, the skin smoother.

Anna Kay: And it also, which I love this, helps to reduce pores. So, if you have some larger pores areas. I do, particularly around my nose, there’s one in particular that, I don’t know why, it’s, like, a deep abyss. If you have any issues like this happening on your face.

Carol: Only she knows that and that’s because women do this.

Anna Kay: We do. We look directly.

Carol: I don’t anymore.

Anna Kay: We get close.

Carol: I don’t get close anymore.

Anna Kay: I do. Abyss, there’s an abyss right here.

Carol: I don’t. I figure it’s not a true perspective of who I am. So, small container. What’s the amount we’re gonna need here?

Anna Kay: I just use one little pump.

Carol: Okay, so again, a very small amount.

Anna Kay: Maybe a pump and a half, just a little bit and I go like this.

Carol: Okay, so I have my small amount.

Anna Kay: And I’ve got mine on, and I just start on the inside and work out and then go up, and really, you can feel it moving on your face, like, it definitely…and I always hit the neck a little bit too, because you’re gonna wanna feather your foundation that way, but it really just feels quite nice and it takes a second for it to soak in and really do the job well.

Carol: As I teach in my skincare routine video, I always move upward…

Anna Kay: Yeah, upward.

Carol: …when I’m applying anything.

Anna Kay: And I always start on my nose and then out and up because that’s where my largest pore issues are, so if you did have something on your chin or maybe it was your cheeks, then you would start there and work up. But yeah, it really…it gives a really nice…

Carol: You feel brighter after that being applied.

Anna Kay: You can see it. You can feel it. The way your makeup goes on top of this, it just really makes it more of a professional look and feel to everything and I love it.

Carol: The third product, the Invisible Lip Liner is going to help prevent that bleeding into any fine lines on the upper lip.

Anna Kay: I love this.

Carol: Yeah, it’s like…locks it in and there’s no color to it.

Anna Kay: It’s completely colorless. I wouldn’t fill in the entire lip because it does kind of move that lipstick a little bit strange, but when you outline it like Carol’s doing right now, it really just keeps that lipstick inside the line.

Carol: You can really just do the top where you’re looking for the prevention.

Anna Kay: Yeah, I go right above where my actual natural lip line is and that way it stays in. It stays in where it should and then you are able to put a lip liner on it. It doesn’t change anything as far as where the lip liner goes. That’s why I put a little bit outside that lip and it just keeps it all perfectly in place.

Carol: You might be concerned that this is so many products that you’re kind of stacking them on top of your skin and that’s really not at all what it feels like. It feels like you’re enhancing your skin’s health so that it is now supporting just a more youthful appearance, so it’s not like you’re layering makeup.

Anna Kay: Well, and you don’t need to layer your makeup. If you’ve done this, then you don’t need to layer on your makeup.

Carol: Right, right.

Anna Kay: You don’t get a cakey feel.

Carol: A lot of women will use a lot of foundation and powder to try and minimize an aging effect and that looks like they’re layering makeup.

Anna Kay: By the end of the day, it’s over.

Carol: Yeah, this allows you to use a lot less makeup.

Anna Kay: Well, and since I have been using these products, I do use a lot less makeup, so it’s good on my pocketbook, it’s good on everything, and it’s better for your skin.

Carol: If you’re not even wearing makeup that day, this stuff, these two, for sure, are…

Anna Kay: Oh, I’ve done that many times or just, like…

Carol: …very beneficial.

Anna Kay: …eyebrows, lashes.

Carol: Yeah, we have a bonus product here that we recommend just as a preliminary to applying makeup. Tell us about this one.

Anna Kay: This is the Retexturing Cream Face Primer and it is awesome, and I usually do maybe a pump and maybe a half. Oops, got a little bit there. You wanna try it? And the reason we like to put this on is because what it does is it locks in what we’ve just put on our face, all the great benefits of helping to reduce those lines and wrinkles and then it allows it to be a barrier between that and the makeup, so then the makeup has a place to sit on rather than be absorbed into the skin. So, all of that is super beneficial and really great and it just preps your face perfectly for your foundation or concealer or/and both.

Carol: So, take a look at our before and afters. You’ll see the difference in these products. Very small, small amounts make a big difference and just minimizing, and it’s nurturing, enriching our skin so that when we now apply makeup, we have a very natural, healthy look to our appearance, so thanks, Anna Kay.

Anna Kay: You’re welcome. Thank you.

Carol: And what have you learned from this? What are you excited about? Share in a comment, because we really…my kind of new tagline is, I wanna help you grow old without aging because you just really wanna continue to be able to look in the mirror, and it’s okay that you have an aging effect, but you don’t need to make it more than it is. That’s the thing. We do a lot of things unknowingly that will actually age us. Wrong hairstyles are the number one factor in that that women don’t realize that they’re aging their face considerably, so we’re here to support you in looking your best at any age.

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