5 Tips to Get the Best Swimsuit of Your Life This Summer

How to get a flattering swimsuit that makes you feel incredible!

Ah, swimsuit season. That time of the year that far too many women dread—when they don’t need to!

If you’ve already stepped into the dressing room this season, you may have suffered through feeling too fat, bumpy, or oddly-shaped when you looked in the mirror under those fluorescent lights.

Stop beating yourself up and embrace your Type of beauty! You are unique, and there will be swimsuits out there that simply don’t work for you! With the correct information, you can make swimsuit shopping a painless experience this summer.

Try out these 5 tips to find the best swimsuit and enjoy your summer to the fullest:

1. Consider your body shape.

Last summer, I put together this Swimsuit Guide for Your Body Type to help you find a knock-out swimsuit.

Whether you have a small or large bust, long or short torso, large or small hips, long or short legs, you need to read this Swimsuit Guide.

As you read it, make note of your unique body shape and then tailor your own shopping to look for the swimsuits that will flatter you

2. Choose something comfortable!

So often women are concerned about how they look, that they forget to think about how they feel!

When you try on swimsuits, take a few steps, stand up, sit down, bend down, twist and turn to determine how active you can be without having to tug and pull at your swimsuit all day.

Especially if you have kids, you want to pick a swimsuit that allows you to be present with them and have fun in the sun—instead of constantly worrying about your suit!

Here’s what Lifestyle member, Stephanie M. shared recently in our Lifestyle Members Facebook Group:

Type 3 swimsuit

“My bathing suit came in the mail! I set a goal to find a hot and conservative bathing suit that I could romp around with my daughter in—and I did! This is the best I’ve EVER looked in swimwear. Just the right color changes everything!”

3. Ask yourself this important question!

Before you walk up to that register or check out online, ask yourself: “Do I LOVE it?”

If you don’t, it’s not worth it. You need to make sure you can say “I love it!” when you get home.

Just because you found a suit that finally fits or you found one that’s on sale doesn’t mean that’s the suit you’ll feel most confident in. Avoid buyer’s remorse by asking that important question.

4. Know your Type of beauty to avoid mistakes.

Women who follow the Dressing Your Truth program have so many resources at their fingertips to help them find the perfect suit. Use your Style Guides, ladies!

Not Dressing Your Truth yet? Start your free Beginner’s Guide today! It’s easy. Have a ball this summer at the beach, lake, or pool without being distracted from self-inhibition about your body!

5. Use StyleInspire to see custom-picked swimsuits for your Type!

Who here is a Lifestyle member? Every week, the DYT Experts put together StyleInspire boards of hand-picked items that are true to your Type. We recently had a Swimsuit Board—what a hit among our members!

Want to instantly gain a deeper understanding and acceptance of your body? Check out my free Dressing Your Truth Beginner’s Guide! We give you all the tools and resources to help you look and feel great every day, in every season!

Start your free Beginner’s Guide today!

Share a link below of your favorite swimsuit—and don’t forget to tell us your Type! You will inspire other women to find a swimsuit that they love!


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