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Building Your Inner Confidence as a Type 1/2 Woman

Make "experience" a kinder teacher, and how to say "no" (while still feeling nice)

You’re friendly and light with gentle sensitivity. Did you know that these can be your greatest strengths?

Learning to develop your inner strength as a Type 1/2 woman is vital to your ability to thrive in this world. But, could you already have a confidence that you aren’t recognizing and giving yourself credit for? I’m joined by Stephanie, my Type 1/2 Dressing Your Truth Expert. She shares tips to let your bright light shine true. (10:00)

(1:28) You can be assertive and still true to yourself. There’s no need to “toughen up”. Learn how to make confidence your friend.

(2:14) Setting healthy boundaries for yourself and others, and how to say “no”.

(7:52) How being discerning and selective can keep you from being overrun, or agreeing to something that will require too much of you.

(11:11) You bring a unique gift and strength to this world! Own it, and love it!

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Build your Type 1 confidence with this daily affirmation track:

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