Kelleen Mis-Typed Herself! Can You Guess Her Type?

How these common mistakes can cause you to mis-Type yourself.

Say Goodbye to Confusion and Hello to Compliments!

Because she mis-profiled herself, Kelleen felt confused and wasn’t getting any compliments on her new look.

Join me for this in-person #TruthBomb as I use the tools and processes that I teach in my book It’s Just My Nature, to help her see her true self. If you’re like Kelleen and feeling confused about your Type this will help you too!

Kelleen had mis-Typed herself by making this common mistake and wasn’t using Face Profiling as her primary assessment tool. She began Dressing Your Truth as a Type 2, but soon began to feel heavy and tired, and she wasn’t getting any compliments on her new style. I often say that with Dressing Your Truth there is a compliment guarantee, so why wasn’t she getting any positive feedback?

(2:17) There are 2 primary reasons that people have the “It doesn’t feel right” thought when they begin Dressing Your Truth. Kelleen was experiencing this one (2:35).

I know you’ll enjoy watching this live and in-person #TruthBomb complete with a Before & After!

Here are the highlights:

  • (2:45) Kelleen’s delightful reaction to her #TruthBomb.
  • (3:43) The statement that trips up Type 1 women when assessing themselves.
  • (5:39) How I used Face Profiling to help her see her truth.
  • (12:34) Her “After” reveal! You’ll love how her energy is so light, fresh, and fun!
  • (16:23) How reading The Child Whisperer helped her see how she was raised affected her adult personality.
  • (17:04) Why nurturing your nature is so important (especially on your birthday!).

Your Type 1 Energy brings a lightness that opens the rest of us up to feel the happiness that we all carry!

Did you mis-Type yourself? What helped you see your truth?

Jump in and start Dressing Your Truth so that you can feel beautiful and amazing, living the truth of who you really are! Start with my free Beginner’s Guide.

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Video Transcript:

Carol: Welcome to this “Confirm Your Type” video resource. I’m grateful to have Kelleen with me today. Hi, Kelleen.

Kelleen: Hi, Carol.

Carol: I wanna remind you, as you watch these, my intention is to support you in learning the processes that I use and being able to… The steps, the tools that I use based on what you learn in my books, how to profile yourself. And so I’m going to help Kelleen see herself today. She’s come a little confused about her type and if you’re in that position, the first thing to do is first set an intention. That intention is and you’ve heard me teach this before, I am knowing my type clearly, I’m showing it to myself, I’m seeing it, I’m accepting it, I’m trusting it. So with Kelleen, you have decided you were a Type 2 and tell me briefly what… Because as you learn in my books and my videos, there are certain assessment tools. What did you see in yourself in that assessment process that you said, “Oh, I’m a Type 2”?

Kelleen: Well, some of the personality characteristics I thought fit me like, I’m probably more subdued and I’m probably one that kinda watches things. I’m one that gets a lot of projects started and doesn’t finish them. I connect with people emotionally. Those things and I also thought maybe in some of my features, maybe kind of my downward movement that was kind of the things that I was thinking was making me Type 2.

Carol: Okay. So you’re here today because you’re not confident about that.

Kelleen: Correct.

Carol: What’s not feeling right to you?

Kelleen: Well, after I thought, decided I was a Type 2, it took me a little while and then I thought, “Okay. I’m a Type 2.” I went and bought a few items of clothing. I got on the Type 2 Facebook page and some of the things like, oh, and I came here and got my hair done, and nobody said anything about my hair. And I would wear the clothes that I thought were right for me, Type 2, and no one would comment. And then I would wear different colors and those were when I usually got most of my comments. And then some of the dialogue and the conversation in the Type 2 personality things made me just feel kind of tired. I just couldn’t deal with it.

Carol: Okay. It felt a little heavier to you?

Kelleen: Yeah. I just kind of felt heavy.

Carol: Okay. So that’s an important thing to note that as she placed herself in that experience, in that movement, she’s feeling at odds with it. It’s feeling conflicting to you.

Kelleen: Correct. Yeah.

Carol: You’re noticing that. So good for you to notice that it doesn’t feel right. Okay? Now there’s a couple reasons it doesn’t feel right for people. They’re either it’s challenging because it’s bringing up issues, you were shamed in your childhood and it’s stirring up old emotional baggage. The other reason is you have misprofiled yourself. Now in your case, you’ve misprofiled yourself.

Kelleen: Really?

Carol: You’re not a Type 2.

Kelleen: Really?

Carol: Really.

Kelleen: Wow.

Carol: You’re a Type 1.

Kelleen: I am?

Carol: There you go. See, now why you didn’t notice her animation in her response to me. Your eyes got bright, the smile. Look at her face right now. It’s very animated. You’re very animated and you’ve kind of toned it down a bit since we started filming. But when you came in, you were chatty and moving your hands, and you got a smile on your face from the moment I met you. And I do not meet anybody prior to them coming on camera. We’ve not had conversations besides right now. Correct?

Kelleen: Right. Yeah.

Carol: So may I ask how old you are?

Kelleen: I’m 48.

Carol: Do people often mistake you for being younger?

Kelleen: Yes, they do.

Carol: Okay. That is classic. You learn that in the book. Now you said something too that was very telling. “Well, I start projects, but I don’t finish them.” Who does that?

Kelleen: I guess Type 1. I just, I’m not the life of the party. I’m not the one that…

Carol: Oh. I don’t know why. I think I need to, like, delete that one sentence because really? I think I said one time somewhere that you have this capacity to be the life of the party and then Type 1s misinterpret that, and think you go into a group of people and you’re like, “Hey, everybody.”

Kelleen: Exactly.

Carol: “How’s it going?” No. I really should rephrase it too. I’m the light of the party. You bring a light wherever you go. You bring an upward light movement. It doesn’t mean you’re Jim Carrey wherever you are.

Kelleen: That would be fun though. Okay.

Carol: Well, there is it. See, there it is again. You see what you just said?

Kelleen: Yeah.

Carol: Oh, that would be fun. What one word do Type 1s use and more often than anyone, you’re agreeing. You like something, you agree with something, you say, “That would be fun.”

Kelleen: Would be fun.

Carol: You relate it to fun.

Kelleen: And Type 2 is perfect, right? It seems… What’s the one…

Carol: No. That’s type 4, but that’s okay because you’re Type 1 and they get a little jumbled in your mind.

Kelleen: Okay, okay. Good. Okay.

Carol: There it is again.

Kelleen: I’m just so surprised. Okay. That’s great. Actually, I like the Type 1 clothes. I just thought, “Oh, I wish I could wear that.”

Carol: See, now that you’re wearing all the Type 2, that’s what you’re noticing. It feels sluggish.

Kelleen: Yeah. Like, I would buy things here and then I would return them.

Carol: It feels kinda like mud to you and then the type… We love the Type 2 Facebook group because, you know, majority of the women in the Type 2 Facebook group are correct more than any other type. Type 2 women correctly profile themselves, but it’s also sort of the black hole of misprofiling as well. So they get to, you know, love everybody in their process, but that particular experience, it’s gonna feel long and drawn out, and then heavy for you because you’re a Type 1. Now I wanna go over your features. So would you be kind enough to take off your glasses?

Kelleen: Yes. My husband said I was a bulimic shopper because I kept buying things and putting them on, and going, “No, I can’t wear that,” and taking it back. So I guess that was why.

Carol: All right. And if you could push your hair back just a little bit. May I touch your hair?

Kelleen: Yeah, sure.

Carol: I want you to notice just when we do that, we mess it up, and we move your hair around just seeing… Can you see yourself?

Kelleen: Not really.

Carol: Because you have your glasses off. But our viewers will see immediately how this is lightening you up and now your eyes are sparkling. So we’re gonna start with your face shape. You have more of a heart-shaped face, meaning you come down a little bit of a point here. You’ve got the circle. Right here you can see the circle under your eye if I go… Your eyebrows are not as arched to some Type 1s, but I can still create the circle down here definitely, the way the coloring on your face is on both eyes. Go ahead and smile for me. You’ve got the classic apple cheek, very circular. Type 1 features tend to be placed closer together in the middle of your face. Your ears poke out just a little bit. There you go. See now, there it was again, the brightness of your eyes and seeing your smile lines, they move up, and your eyes twinkle. And you have a very prominent smile, very… It’s big. It’s very much part of your expressive self, your smile, and you do look fresh and youthful. You’re cute.

Kelleen: Thank you. I thought I had these saggy eyelids. That’s what…

Carol: Women are so hard on themselves.

Kelleen: I know. We pick out the things.

Carol: Give me your hands. Stop talking about yourself that way.

Kelleen: Okay. I’m cute.

Carol: You are. See, and now I want you to notice how her energy and her expression, you lift up. “I’m cute.” Your movement came up. If you would be… Hold your hand up close to your face there. You have what we call more of a childlike quality to your hands. Your fingers are shorter and fuller. And a little bit of a circle to your palm here. So…

Kelleen: Wow.

Carol: You do have the movement… I’m looking… I don’t know your personality. I’ve never met you before. I have no idea what you do day-to-day, you know, but I think you need to have more fun.

Kelleen: I agree. I think I do too.

Carol: But initially I’m looking for overall movement, what’s the quality of your movement. I immediately noticed it’s upward and light. It’s fresh, it’s effervescent, then I’m looking for the features. I’m saying, “Where do I…” So my initial hit is, “Oh, she’s a Type 1.” And then I verify that. And the validation I need is I see it in your face and in your body language. It’s…

Kelleen: Is talking with your hands a Type 1?

Carol: Yes, yes.

Kelleen: My kids tease me all the time about talking with my hands.

Carol: Now I want you to go back and reread the Type 1 section knowing, “This is me,” not, “Is this me?” Not with the question, “Is this me?” Read it with, “This is me.” I’m 100% sure you are a Type 1. I’m glad you’re… And typically, Type 1s receive my feedback very…with an open mind because you have an open mind and like, “Oh, okay.”

Kelleen: I can do that.

Carol: “I can do that.” Well, good, you can because it’s just you. It’s not a lot of doing. It’s just being yourself. So…

Kelleen: Wow. I like that. I mean, when I first read it, I thought, “Oh, I’d like to be that.” But I’m not bubbly and I’m not…

Carol: And you compared to who and what.

Kelleen: I guess, yeah, it’s relative.

Carol: Compared to who and what. You are bubbly and there’s levels of expression within each type. And your level of Type 1 expression probably comes out in certain places more and less in other places.

Kelleen: True.

Carol: You’re not bubbly all the time.

Kelleen: Right, right. Makes sense.

Carol: You know, you just might not feel like being bubbly in some parts of the day.

Kelleen: Well, it’s so hard for me.

Carol: Can you see it now?

Kelleen: Yeah, I can. That makes sense now. I was just looking at those few little things and going, “No, rule that one out.” You can’t do.

Carol: Yeah, yeah. That’s a common mistake that you’ll say, “Well, I’m not that,” or, “I’m not those few little things.” So you’ll cancel that whole possibility out and because you are a Type 1, and I’ve taught this, you have the ability to adapt and you’ll see yourself in all four types.

Kelleen: Okay. That makes sense.

Carol: And that makes a little trickier, but that’s a telltale. That’s evidence to you. That’s meant to be an assessment, feedback in your assessment process rather than create more confusion and I’m lost, say, “Oh, possibly I’m a Type 1. I see myself in all of them.” Like, “That’s what Carol teaches. That’s what we do.”

Kelleen: Just a little slow, that’s making sense to me. That’s great.

Carol: Well, I don’t know. I mean, it’s been your process. It’s perfect. You were already noticing, you were congruent with who you are and that, I’m just really pleased that you noticed it wasn’t correct, and all I’ve done today is point it out to you and validate it. And I validate all of you that are Type 1 that are watching this that see yourself in Kelleen to be yourself because you say, “Oh, I can do that,” when I’m like, “Well, yeah, you can because that’s who you are.”

Kelleen: That’s who you are.

Carol: You just need to be yourself.

Kelleen: What I can’t do is be the Type 2 because it was feeling heavy and tiring.

Carol: Right. Yes, yes. So that’s why you’re not getting compliments because you’re a beautiful woman. So you know, you’re gonna have a lot of fun…

Kelleen: I’m excited.

Carol: …dressing as a Type 1 and now everyone’s probably going, “Well, we wanna see her as a Type 1.” So…

Kelleen: I wanna see me as a Type 1.

Carol: We’ll have to see how we… No commitments there. We’ll see if that works out, but any questions?

Kelleen: No. I’m processing. I’m gonna go back and reread everything and like, I’m excited to try it on. What about a secondary then?

Carol: We weren’t going there today.

Kelleen: It’s okay.

Carol: Just truth of fact that these are…

Kelleen: Yeah. It’s probably more confusing that way.

Carol: Maybe we’ll do some future videos with adding that piece, but we were gonna just stick to the one type today to help people get that really clarified for themselves.

Kelleen: No, I like that. That gets me a lot. That’s great. It gives… It makes sense now. When I initially came here, I had to get my hair done, I was thinking I’m 1 or 2 because I couldn’t go anywhere else and then I just thought, “No, I have to be a 2 because I’m not cute, I’m not bubb-…” Anyway, I totally misread that that.

Carol: And everybody is going, “Really? You’re pretty cute to us. I think you’re bubbly.”

Kelleen: That’s so funny. This was great that I came.

Carol: Well, thank you.

Kelleen: Thank you.

Carol: I appreciate your volunteering today and helping all of those that are watching.

Kelleen: That’s very fun. Thank you.

Carol: Welcome back, Kelleen.

Kelleen: Thank you.

Carol: Good to see your bright shiny self.

Kelleen: It’s fun to be here. Thank you.

Carol: Got you all polished up.

Kelleen: Yeah, ready to go.

Carol: How’s it feeling?

Kelleen: Fun. Really good, really good.

Carol: Yeah?

Kelleen: Yeah. I like it.

Carol: So what’s different now that you’ve known you’re a Type 1?

Kelleen: Well, now I can buy the clothes that I was already drawn to that I thought somehow I wasn’t supposed to be wearing.

Carol: We’re really weird. Humans are like, “What [inaudible 00:13:13.317]

Kelleen: She’s the expert, I guess.

Carol: No, that’s so funny because I hear that all the time. “Well, I always wanted that.” And I’m like, “Oh, wow. We’re so…” You know, we’ve given… We’ve compromised so much as human beings.

Kelleen: I know, I know.

Carol: So good to have you back.

Kelleen: Thank you.

Carol: And now you can wear adorable clothing that looks amazing on you.

Kelleen: Thank you.

Carol: So have there been any challenges since you’ve accepted that you’re a Type 1 energy?

Kelleen: Sometimes some things are a little too much for me like, I felt like I don’t wanna look like, “Whoa, here she comes.” It’s a little over the top, it’s a little too loud. And I’ve never been one to wear any kind of really blingy things. And so as I feel like I kinda like it, but then I’m a little nervous. So I’m kind of trying to figure out where I fit into that whole thing.

Carol: You just get going. I see you’re wearing a little bit smaller earring, not too much going on. Still being a little bit careful. Let’s check with you in a year, you’re gonna be like, “Hey.”

Kelleen: You’ll see me with my big jewelry.

Carol: Yeah. She does have curly hair. We’re encouraging her to go [crosstalk 00:14:11.319]

Kelleen: Yeah. I’ll try that.

Carol: Pink streak and you’re like, “Wow.”

Kelleen: Oh, I don’t know. No pink.

Carol: I’m like, “Oh, look at you.”

Kelleen: We’ll see.

Carol: What do you see in yourself in just who you are? You know, is that what you notice about? Did you go back and read the book, and go,” Duh”?

Kelleen: I did and there were few things, well, a couple things. One of them is all of a sudden it hit me and I thought, some of these things that are just part of who I am, they’re not character flaws like I’ve always thought. Why can’t I get something finished? I’m so distracted and I have, you know, I’m a little cluttery because I’m random. And I’ve always kind of beat myself up that those were character flaws. And so to be able to say this is who you are and it’s part of your energy.

Carol: And they’re your gifts.

Kelleen: And they’re gifts and it’s okay like, it was…

Carol: That same energy that creates the gift creates that tendency. So it’s just an energetic influence that’s creating you to be so open, so loving, so supportive in others’ happiness also creates a tendency to be little bit random and drop the ball.

Kelleen: Yeah. And not finish things and this is a great idea, and then…

Carol: Yeah. Because your energy is so open, it’s so open. Now, did you… Where did you go and miss then? Now because most women, you’ll spend some time looking at that and say, “How did I not see this?” What did you do in your first process where you put yourself in the Type 2 energy? What do you now know that why you missed it basically?

Kelleen: So when I first started, I thought… I could see… I was kind of debating between 1 and 2. I knew I wasn’t a 3 or 4, but then when I couldn’t decide and I kept reading how do you decide, and so I go back to the energy. And I would pick a couple things. And I thought, “Oh, life of the party, that so-and-so. Oh, yeah, that’s my sister-in-law.” And I think I pictured some people who are the extreme end of some of those characteristics.

Carol: Yeah. Because there is this degree of expressing it.

Kelleen: Yeah, there is a range.

Carol: So you’re now thinking to be a Type 1 is this highly gregarious, very high movement.

Kelleen: Like Jim Carrey or someone who you just know is the extreme end.

Carol: Yeah, yeah. Extremely animated. You’re going, “That’s not me.”

Kelleen: Yeah. That’s not me and I picture, “Oh, that’s them.” I can totally see that and I put a couple people, and I thought, “That’s not me.” So I dismissed the Type 1 from that. So I think that’s where I went wrong and then I was trying to think of movement, and I thought, “Well, I wasn’t…” I read “The Child Whisperer” and I thought, I wasn’t that kid that bounced all over. I don’t remember people saying, “Settle down, stop moving.” So I thought that must not be me, but I think some of it might have been some of the circumstances of my life that I have suppressed some of that.

Carol: Yeah, yeah. You had to be careful.

Kelleen: And again there’s a range. Like, maybe I wasn’t the bouncy, bouncy off the wall person.

Carol: Well, and you probably weren’t based on the fact if the environment didn’t support that you weren’t allowed to develop that to become you. See, so you had to be mindful of being more careful in your environment because of the stressful nature of the environment. So you wouldn’t have been supported in developing it, but now, you know, you do see it in your life, right?

Kelleen: Yeah, I see it.

Carol: You see yourself. Yeah.

Kelleen: Yeah, yeah. And when you said to me, “I don’t know you.” That was what you said in the last video. You said, “I don’t know you, but you need to have more fun.” And it was like a lightning word. I’m like, “She’s right.” It’s a need. Before I’d always feel this, “Okay, I’ve got to get this and there’s my list, and here’s what I have to do.”

Carol: I know.

Kelleen: But to feel like fun is a need and give myself permission to when I had a few days to go out biking, I’m hiking, I’m going to lunch. I’m not cleaning the cupboards, and give myself permission that that’s a need and that that’s okay.

Carol: Was that on your… You told me that was on your birthday?

Kelleen: So it’s my birthday and my husband took my kids out of town.

Carol: Yeah. I think certainly on your birthday, you should be able to…

Kelleen: But it was three days. I wouldn’t normally give myself three days to do.

Carol: Oh, I think you should. Type 1 people should have three-day birthdays.

Kelleen: I agree. I think that should be a law.

Carol: Yeah. My birthday lasts for three days because I just got… I need three days to fit in all the fun.

Kelleen: Actually, we had a joke that it was a week. It’s Kelleenukkah. So we’d always use the names of our kids and they make a “ukkah,” like a Hanukkah. So we had to extend it a week.

Carol: Kelleenukkah.

Kelleen: Yeah.

Carol: That’s cute. See. Did you…

Kelleen: So I did a whole week.

Carol: How fun you are.

Kelleen: Yeah, yeah. See. So I’m…

Carol: Look how much fun we’re having.

Kelleen: But I didn’t really do it. So now I’m really gonna do it. It’s a need.

Carol: Okay. So this year you did celebrate in a way that was more playful and you had fun.

Kelleen: I had fun and I just let go of some of those, you know, “You shouldn’t do this or that.” “Oh, wait, you biked yesterday. You shouldn’t…” “No, I’m going again.” “Oh, hiking. Yeah, I’m there.”

Carol: And then you did something else I think is so true to your nature that you shared with me. You wanted to make someone else’s day more delightful.

Kelleen: So it was the day after my birthday and I’d been with friends, and I looked around and thought of what I should do. And I thought, you know, “I feel wanting to take a little note to this friend.” So I wrote the note and I walked down, and took it to her, and had a nice visit. And then I saw some people at the park and I visited with them. And it was just perfect for me.

Carol: Yeah. So you got to be social and brighten someone’s day which is very nurturing to you.

Kelleen: Yes, and I feel good.

Carol: So good. I’m glad you’re starting to notice the essential quality of giving yourself that experience because it’s very… It nourishes your being just like healthy food nourishes your body. Those choices and experiences nourish your nature, nourish your nature.

Kelleen: I like that, nourish your nature.

Carol: I like that too. I got to do more with that.

Kelleen: And it gives you the energy.

Carol: Yes, it does.

Kelleen: It fills my energy instead of feeling depleted and overwhelmed by like, all the things I have to do. So…

Carol: Yes. I’m glad you’re realizing the value of that. So what do you love about your Type 1 style?

Kelleen: I like things that are bright. I like light things, I like… It just feels happy and I always like the planner that had the flowers and the colors on it. And I like the gold. I was thinking I needed to dip my gold ring to silver because I thought it wasn’t the style. I’m so glad I didn’t.

Carol: Oh, you’re so happy you got that gold ring now.

Kelleen: Yeah. And now I go, “Oh, I can wear gold and it’s okay.”

Carol: Yeah. That’s good.

Kelleen: I don’t have to go, “Oh, that’s not in style anymore.” I can just know that that’s okay for me.

Carol: So it’s in style for you. It’s your style.

Kelleen: Yeah, I like that.

Carol: Any tips for our viewers as far as their process of assessment and confirming their type?

Kelleen: I think going back to when you go through there, don’t put some label on those things. Don’t say, “Well, I know that’s them and not me.” You have to know that range. I think just that range is where I got lost.

Carol: Yeah, that’s true for every type as well not just…

Kelleen: Yeah. I think for every type.

Carol: But Type 1 especially because it’s such a open energy. There’s a lot of variation of Type 1. So you’re smart to notice now that you can still be a Type 1 energy even though someone else expresses it with a little more movement.

Kelleen: Right. Yeah. And if there’s something that you’ve always liked and you felt like you looked good in it, and other people felt like, “Okay, good,” maybe you should listen to that because I was so dismissing that like, “Oh, I can’t wear that pretty thing anymore because that’s not me.” Instead of dismissing that, maybe that will help give you a clue if you’re kinda torn between things. Maybe look at the things that you’ve naturally chosen or…

Carol: I hear that. It’s frequent that we hear women share, “Now I know why I loved that particular item,” you know. I’ve always loved animal print, you know, even when I was 10.

Kelleen: Yeah, or…

Carol: My aunt had all this animal, but she must have been a Type 3. And I was just always drawn to this animal print. I’m like, “Okay, big clue.”

Kelleen: Even those little things. That’s so funny. Some of those little things like, I overpack and as I read through that or I talk with my hands and my kids will say, “Mom.” And I always thought, “Oh, I need to stop talking with my hands.” And to think, “Oh, yeah.”

Carol: And now you can do this, “What?”

Kelleen: What? You need something?

Carol: Get them to laugh.

Kelleen: Yeah, yeah. Exactly. So I love it. It’s great.

Carol: You’re a lot of fun.

Kelleen: Thank you.

Carol: You just see, even my time with you, you just… Your energy brings a lightness that opens us up to just feel that happiness that we all carry. I believe it’s all in us. We just have to, you know, allow it and you help people allow. You help people feel what is there for them to feel. So thank you for your gift.

Kelleen: Thank you.

Carol: You just get to be you. How easy is that?

Kelleen: I love that.

Carol: Nothing you got to do.

Kelleen: Thank you for helping me out with that.

Carol: You know, you just got to go cheer people up, you know.

Kelleen: I wasn’t doing so well. So thanks.

Carol: I would say, Type 1s should get paid for cheering people up.

Kelleen: Hey, that’s an idea. I like that too.

Carol: It can be your job.

Kelleen: That and the week-long birthdays. I’m in.

Carol: That’s great. Well, thanks for coming back.

Kelleen: Thank you, thank you.

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