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Fitness Goals? 10 Tips to Help Bright, Animated Women Succeed

How to finally stick to your exercise goals this time

Pop quiz! Is fitness fun for you?

You know that exercise is good for you. So what keeps you from sticking with it?

One thing I know for sure is this: If you’re a Type 1 bright, animated woman, you need to make fitness fun or you are going to be in fitness resistance mode. If your routine feels too heavy, you just won’t do it for long (if you do it at all).

So how do you make fitness fresh and fun? First things first, let’s see where you’re at.

Finish these sentences. What’s the first thing that comes to mind for each blank?

  • I think working out is ___________
  • When (or if) I make fitness goals I usually find myself __________
  • When I choose to exercise I usually __________________

Would you like any of your answers to feel more inspiring? They can!

My Top 10 “fitness fun” tips for Type 1 Women

1. Keep it fresh by ignoring “should.”

How often do you tell yourself: I should work out, I should eat better. Because it feels like something you have to do, you won’t want to do it. It is important you maintain your open, free energy with fitness. The only “should” you need to embrace is “Fitness should be fun for me!” Let your approach to your goals be light and creative.

2. Enjoy variety.

Let your fitness program or activities change often. You don’t have to stick to one activity for the rest of your life! Variety will keep things exciting, which means you’ll be more likely to follow through on your end result or goal.

3. Get your in activity in spurts.

You don’t have to get in a full hour at a time. You can if that’s fun for you—but you don’t have to. (Remember: no more shoulds.) Your energy naturally connects and disconnects, so you can pop in 10 minutes of activity here and there throughout the day. Aim for at least 30 minutes total by the end of each day.

4. Make it social.

Above all else, you connect to the world socially. This applies to your fitness goals, as well! Work out with a friend or partner. Participate in an exercise class with a group. Or even consider a trainer or personal coach. Another person’s presence can help you focus and get the results you want.

5. Consider playful activities.

Are you drawn to certain games that allow you to move your physical body? What kinds of challenges, sports, or physical play do you enjoy? Exercise can look like playing. Fitness activities can stimulate growth in both your body and your mind.

6. Get enough activity.

You will thrive on getting in 3-4 workouts each week. Don’t let yourself make excuses for getting in less than this. It is difficult to see results if you don’t put in at least 3 days per week.

7. Make the time fly.

As a Type 1 woman, you tend to like fitness activities that seem to go by fast. You can make time seem to run faster with a good music playlist, a conversation with a friend as you work out, or variety in your routine. Doing something completely new can often make time seem to disappear.

8. Speed things up.

If an activity feels too slow or tedious, you won’t like to do it. Activities you don’t like to do tend to feel like work. And if physical fitness feels like work, you’ll tend to avoid it. Which activities or classes are feeling like work to you? How can you change them or speed them up?

9. Give yourself “wiggle room.”

Your nature is varied and random. You don’t move through the world in a straight line. So don’t expect complete consistency from your body or your workout plan! Give yourself space for variety with your workout times, goal weight, and other aspects of fitness.

10. Do it before you get distracted.

Any time of day is good for you to exercise—just make sure you get around to it! If you continually find you are running out of time or can’t seem to fit it in your schedule, do it first thing in the morning to avoid being distracted.

How will you add more FUN to your fitness?

As you read each of these tips, one (or more) of them probably stood out. Your brain and body know what needs to shift. Trust them!

Time to finish one last sentence:

  • I’ll add more fun to my fitness goals by ___________

How do you finish that sentence? Share in a comment. I’d love to celebrate your intention. And your fellow Type 1 friends can be inspired by your brilliant ideas!

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