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How to Know If You Lead with a Type 1 or Type 2 Energy

Find out how this light & soft combo shows up for you.

The Type 1/2 and Type 2/1 combo can look quite similar.

Type 1 energy is light, and Type 2 energy is soft. They both can feel gentle and tender.

But one of them is an extrovert energy and moves outward, while the other is an introvert energy and moves inward. This plays a key role in distinguishing between the two!

You remember Lisa from her lovely, Type 2 Before & After.  She discovered she was a Type 2 after realizing how exhausted she felt trying to be a Type 1. Have you ever felt like you had to “put on a show” for others? It can tire you out!

Look closely at Lisa’s facial features—even though they have a cuteness about them, they’re all softened and have a downward quality to them.

How did this video support you and help you discover which of these Energy Types you lead with? Share in a comment!

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