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Think You’re a Type 2? You Could Be Wrong! (Here’s Why So Many Women Are)

Don’t make the same mistake these women did.

Think you might be a Type 2, but aren’t exactly sold on it?

Maybe you think:
…Sure, I see s-curves in my face
…I’m a homebody and don’t like confrontation
…I’m emotional
…I’m an empath
…I like comfort
…I like details and planning
…I’m an introvert

It seems to make sense that you’d Type yourself as a 2!

But in my Energy Profiling system, women mis-Type themselves as a Type 2 more than any other Type. Type 2 energy is naturally soft, subtle, blended, relaxed, downward moving, and calm. Our culture and society still send the message that women should be soft, quiet, gentle, and subdued. This is especially true for women from my generation and the ones before us.

But even if you’re from a younger generation, the residual effects still happen. From the time you were a little girl, you were sent the message that there is one correct way to be a woman. So without realizing it, you internalized that “ideal” and adjusted your behavior, style, and demeanor to fit in and be accepted as a feminine woman.

But thanks to Energy Profiling, we know that there are 4 Types of women, and we embrace and celebrate all of them.

That’s why I recommend that if you put yourself in the Type 2 category, you take a look at this article to see if you’ve accurately assessed yourself.

All the reasons you may think you’re a Type 2

In Energy Profiling, I teach that Type 2 people connect to the world in a primarily emotional way. Because of this, it’s common for women to place themselves in the Type 2 category because they are naturally “emotional” or even just have deep emotions. But this is very different from what it means to connect to the world in an emotional way. Both women and men of all Types have deep emotions—not just Type 2! (This Before & After with Kelleen talks about this: Kelleen Mis-Typed Herself! Can You Guess Her Type?)

It’s also a common misconception that only Type 2 people are “empaths”—but I have taught that all Types can be empathetic. As a Type 3 myself, I am very empathic, which just means we pick up on other people’s energy without trying to. (Find out more in this Lifestyle series: How Your Type Takes On Other People’s Energy)

I teach that Type 2 people prioritize “comfort”—but that doesn’t mean the other Types don’t. I created a video How Each Type Defines Comfort to help clear this up for you! (I also love this Before & After with Sam, who interpreted “comfort” in her own way, even though she wasn’t a Type 2! Are You a Type 2? (Who’s Actually Not a Type 2.) Sam’s Before & After)

And lastly, a lot of Type 2 women consider themselves socially introverted, and since Type 2 is an “introvert” energy, they place themselves there. But I teach how all Types can be introverted, even Type 1 and Type 3! Can You Be a Type 1 or Type 3 And Still Be An Introvert?

What do you do if you think you are a Type 2, but you aren’t sure?

There could be a very good reason you’re doubting yourself! Let’s get you out of self-doubt and into a place of certainty. Dressing Your Truth is so enjoyable and supportive. Let’s not spend another minute trying to be someone you’re not.

Tips and resources we recommend you go through to find confirmation for yourself:

1. Review the Facial Profiling resources.

This is THE way to determine your Energy Type. It is concrete and reliable. While behaviors can be learned and developed from different life circumstances, your face will always reveal your Energy Type.

This page has those videos, tips, and interviews that will help you with this further: Determine Your Type

This Live Broadcast reveals how you may not see yourself clearly: I Fooled Myself! I Thought I Was a Type 2, But I Was Wrong

2. Set an intention.

Set the energy into motion to attract what you want: “I am clearly knowing my Type of beauty. It is being shown to me, and I am seeing it and trusting it.”

3. Watch the “Myths” videos for all the Types.

These really help to clear any stereotypes and misconceptions we may have.

4. Read The Child Whisperer

That’s right, reading a book about how each Type of child behaves in the world could be a great “aha” look into your true nature. You can’t help but think of yourself as a child as you go.

5. Join Lifestyle

There are 500+ amazing resources to learn from there. Participation in that Facebook group also helps you see women of other Types who are living true to their nature – perhaps you recognize yourself in a different energy they are embracing so well. In the group, members have the opportunity to request feedback from the other members. We call this #WomenHelpingWomen.

The following 3 women all thought they were Type 2, but through feedback, discovered their true Types. It’s been amazing watching them come after this. I know you’ll love their Before and Afters:

Type 1: Adelheid

Before and After of Type 1 Adelheid

“I recently looked back through old photos and couldn’t believe the difference that wearing T1 colors makes for my skin tone! I have rosacea, but much of my redness disappears in T1 colors and my skin looks more vibrant.”

Type 3: Dawn

Dawn Before After Type 3

Dawn is gorgeous in both, but her fiery, determined energy stands out so much more in her After! Everything from her hair and outfit down to her lip color matches the rich and dynamic energy that’s just waiting to be set free in her Before!

Type 4: Sarah

Before and After of Type 4 Sarah

“So, it’s been around 10 days since I received feedback about my Type, and, wow!! While I WAS questioning whether I was a T2 or a T4, being confirmed as a T4 has been a game-CHANGER. Even in these first few days, I have had so many positive comments from the friends and family that have seen me. More importantly, I feel so much more alive, more present, and more grounded.”

Did this help you determine your Type more easily?

My goal in this work is to help you come home to your true self. Did this article help you? Feel free to post any questions below!

For those of you who are confirmed as Type 2 from me through any number of ways, what are some of your favorite resources that helped you feel settled in this Type?

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