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Versatile Fall Makeup Looks with New Colors and Tools for You!

Makeup at home, out, and even when you need to wear a mask!

Makeup, do you wear it for yourself or because other people might see you?

We think you should be wearing makeup for you! We want to show you how makeup enhances your natural beauty helping you feel fresh, vibrant, and even more beautiful! Whether at home or going out you can create just the right look that is easy and quick.

It all starts with the right tools. Having the right brushes and knowing how to use them correctly makes all the difference.

Watch the video for your Type of beauty as your DYT Expert walks you through simple and versatile fall makeup looks that will help you feel amazing no matter what your day brings! Working from home or homeschooling? Check! First date night in 6 months? Check! Wearing a mask today? Check! You’ve got this!

Type 1, how many eyeshadows are you playing with? Jaleah shows a look that is feminine, dramatic, and demure!

  • (00:49) Eyes, (7:48) Cheeks, (8:54) Lips.

Type 2, Anne shares how to go from a subtle at-home-look to an elegant going-out-style with the same set of beautiful browns and a sultry surprise lipstick.

  • At-Home: (2:00) Eyes, (6:50) Cheeks, (7:02) Lips. Going-Out: (8:48) Eyes, (14:13) Cheeks, (14:38) Lips.

Type 3, this fresh warm fall look Anne K brings will fast become your go-to for easy makeup (in as little as 6 minutes)!

  • (00:21) Eyes, (6:48) Cheeks, (8:51) Lips.

Type 4, get ready for a look that combines two of your elusive Type 4 colors! Kalista proves there’s no need to compromise style in our current situations.

  • (2:16) Eyes, (12:01) Cheeks, (12:37) Lips

Freshen up your look this fall with new makeup!

Shop the new fall makeup collections!


Brushes and Tools:

Type 1 Pumpkin Spice Collection

Type 2 Berry Wine Makeup Collection:

Type 3 Maple Nut Makeup Collection:

Type 4 Peaches & Cream Makeup Collection:

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