How to Get Long-Lasting Lip Color (That Won’t Dry Out Your Lips!)

A simple trick that turns all your favorite lipsticks into long-lasting lip colors

“I want my lip color to last just one hour,” said no one ever. Raise your hand if you want long-lasting lip color—instead of color that wears off before you leave the house!

Ladies, no one wants to reapply their lipstick 7 times a day. Nor do we want long-lasting lip color that dries out our lips and leaves them feeling chapped and tender. The solution? Anna K found the answer to all your lip prayers. (Lip prayers are a real thing, trust us.)

With this fast-drying lip product, you can turn any of your favorite lip liners and lipsticks into long-lasting lip color that lasts for HOURS!

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Video Transcript:

“I only want my lip color to last one hour,” said no one ever.

If you’re like me, you want your lip color to last all day long, if you could have it. And I’m telling you, I have searched high and I have searched low, and I am thrilled to say that I found something. I’m so excited to share it today because it’s going to change…well, it’s going to answer, it’s going to answer all of your lip prayers. You’ve been praying for this, I know you have, and this product will answer that prayer. So what is this magic in a bottle, you ask? It’s called Lip Lock and it does just what it says it’s gonna do. It’s gonna lock in your lip color all day. I can’t wait to show you how.

I’m gonna start with sugar scrub. I love this sugar scrub. I like to use the end of my lip brush, just get a little bit, just a little bit. You just need a little. Get it on my finger here, and just exfoliate it. And that feels so good. Get all that skin ready to go. Winter, this is a great time to use it, summer, actually all the seasons because your lips are…well, mine are constantly moving, but they do get abused quite a bit. So if we can take care of them by exfoliating them, taking care of that extra layer of dead skin on top, rub that in, take it off. Really easy to take off. And I just like to lick it. It tastes good.

Second, I’m gonna dry them up a little bit, kiss my tissue. Then I’m going to use our Lip and Eye Primer. And I like to use my lip brush when I’m doing my lip, and just a teeny bit. You don’t need a lot. I’m just gonna put a quick little layer of this on, and not a lot. You don’t really wanna change your lip color. If you put too much of this stuff on it does change your lip color, so a little dab will do you on that one.

So now I’m ready for my lip liner. I really like to blend that liner. But this Lip Lock stuff works with the liner. Like I could put the Lip Lock on right now and it would…well, I would blend it a little better, but you could put it on right now and it would lock that liner in. So it works really well with lip liners and lipsticks. And I’m just gonna apply straight from the tube. Nice lovely orange to compliment my yellow and orange shirt I got going on.

And now we’re going to use the Lip Lock. It has the brush. I’m gonna show you the brush because it looks like a nail polish brush. Can you see that? It’s like a nail polish brush, and you just need ever so little. This product should last you quite a while, and it’s quite liquidy. So I just go on the outside and I blend, and you’re gonna feel the power working. And this is gonna last hours.

Now, when I first got this product, I was a little skeptical, so I put it to the test. I put it on and I went out and I ate really greasy foods that day. I’m like, “Well, it’s to really see if this works, right?” So I ate french fries, I ate a steak, I ate watermelon. I ate anything I thought maybe would take this off, would normally take off my lipstick. It stayed on. I was so surprised. It totally locked that color in. It was there the whole day.

Now, it takes a couple of seconds, maybe up to 30 seconds for it really to lock in, so give it a second before you start eating your french fries so that it has a chance to lock in. But it feels really good. It doesn’t dry out your lips, it locks in that color, and it is just like an answer, an answer to my lip prayers.

You will be amazed how well this product works. It is a charm. It will definitely lock in your beauty, lock in your lip beauty all day long.

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