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How to Add Your Yin & Yang Combo Into Your Type 1/4 Style

Creating a style that is truly you just got easier!

You can personalize your style by adding your yin/yang combo.

As a Type 1/4 woman, you want to look bright and animated with a little bit of structure. But have you ever felt that your overall look is too still, without enough animation?

You could be wearing the wrong yin/yang combination in your clothes! Once you understand which aspects of your outfits are “yin” and which ones are “yang,” you’ll be able to look great and feel great in your clothes every day!

Dressing Your Truth Expert Jaleah has a yang-yin-yin-yang combination. Watch how just a simple switch of one item in your outfit can make you feel even more expressive and true to yourself.

Take Carol’s challenge! Find an item in your closet that hasn’t been working, apply what you learned in the yin/yang video and share your results in the comments!

Learn more about your yin/yang combo:

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