How the DYT Beauty Experts Determined Their Secondary Energy

What assumptions about yourself are preventing you from seeing your truth?

An evening to support you in knowing your secondary Energy Type.

In this Evening with Carol and the 4 Types Beauty Panel from June 2014, I’m joined by some of my DYT Experts, (3:48) Marcy Type 1/4, (9:59) Anne Type 2/3, (14:25) Sarah Type 3/2, and (17:40) Sheryl Type 4/1 share their insights on knowing and loving your secondary Energy Type!

In this video we cover:

  • How your secondary Type plays into your facial features
  • Creating balance between your primary and secondary Energy Types in your style
  • An assumption Sheryl made that prevented her from seeing her secondary Energy Type
  • The true goal of Dressing Your Truth

The live Q & A begins at 35:47. I know that you will benefit from the answers and insights that we share.

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