You’ve Never Spring Cleaned Your Closet Like This — As Simple as 1, 2, 3

3 steps to cleaning out your closet the Dressing Your Truth way!

Want to make spring cleaning your closet a breeze? Learn my secret closet spring cleaning hack no other expert can teach you!

While traditional spring cleaning methods might advocate tossing out worn-out or unworn items, the Dressing Your Truth way goes beyond mere decluttering. Instead, it helps you refine your personal style to keep the items that match your beauty Type.

“What if I don’t know my beauty Type?” You can learn it here with the Dressing Your Truth Beginner’s Guide.

Unlock the 3 simple steps to a closet you’ll love!

1. Color Curation

  • Group all your clothes by color – Reds, pinks, greens, blues, you name it.

2. Style Guide Scrutiny

  • Get out your Type’s Style Guide and access each piece against it. If it isn’t in your Type’s color palette, set it aside.

3. Pattern Power Play

  • Time for the Type’s Pattern Guide. Check each item against it. If it’s not your Type’s pattern, set it aside.

Repeat the above steps with your shoes and accessories.

These three steps will get the ball rolling on removing the “meh” items you no longer wear and donating them.

What about the questionable items you are unsure of?

Hang the questionable items together to review in a week or two once your eye is more trained. You’ll then easily be able to see whether these items are right for you or not.

Wow! Take a look in your closet. The remaining items should set you on a path to having a closet of clothes true to your Type and be a great backdrop to anything you bring into it. If the color is not quite right, it will obviously stand out!

Your Dressing Your Truth Style Kit includes Style Guides and Pattern Guides for all four beauty types.

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Want even more help spring cleaning your closet true to your Type?

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