4 Rules to Live By: Anti-Aging Tips That Help You Dress Your Truth

Want to age well? Never compromise on these 4 things!

Think about how it would feel if people started telling you, “You look like a healthier, happier human!”

What would it be like if age was not an indicator of your health or the way you dressed?

At 63 years old, that’s what my experience is! And it’s because I prioritize my health, wellness, and looking my best!

One of my life purposes is to challenge mediocrity. That’s why I’m always pursuing paths that help me and other women live incredible lives. Here are 4 rules I live by that never change. No matter what, I never compromise on them. And what a difference it makes in how I look and how I feel.

Here’s what we cover in this video:

(2:51) Rule #1: Always wear colors true to your Type.

Sticking to your Type’s colors is so important. Go from “I have to” to “I get to!”

As a Type 3, I never sneak in colors I’m not supposed to wear, such as black or pure white. Even my pajamas and fitness clothes are Type 3. The Style Kit will help you select the correct colors and patterns 100% of the time!

(5:13) Rule #2: Only dress in trends if they work for you.

Check out these pictures! I show three examples of popular trends that I tried out. Which ones worked, and which ones didn’t?

I teach you how to bring your Secondary Energy into your style in my Lifestyle content. Watch how even I use resources, like the Style Keywords: Move From “True to Type” to “True to You” to help me determine what fits my style and Type!

(8:51) Rule #3: Invest in your hair.

If you compromise on your hair, it’s going to age you considerably. I love breaking all the age-ism rules and dressing my truth—even at 63. I offer tons of hair content to help you stop re-creating the same disappointing hair story. One of my Lifestyle pieces, No More Sad Hair or Salon Disappointment: Hair Clearing, is a favorite among our community!

(10:26) Rule #4: Invest in your skin’s health.

Your skin’s health matters! Look at my Before and After photo here, and you’ll see just how much my skin was showing serious signs of aging 10 years ago.

After years of research and finding what ingredients and products work (and what doesn’t work), I launched my own Dressing Your Truth Anti-aging Skincare line. I’m so pleased with it and use it every morning and every night.

Just a few products, simple and effective. Give them a try—bet you’ll love them too!

Ready to look and feel great every day?

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