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This Blended Family of 8 Will Help You Learn More About Face Profiling

How to bring peace & balance to your family after divorce

Blending two families together after divorce can be hard on everyone—but there’s one way to make it a little easier.

Energy Profiling can give you a deeper understanding of why each child and parent behave the way they do: they default into what’s helped them survive instead of living true to who they really are.

On today’s #EnergyProfilingWithCarol show, you’ll meet Carrie and Brandon who have a blended family of 6 children. Watch as we have a Face Profiling lesson for all 8 family members. Can you guess all 6 children’s Energy Types correctly?

Listen to the stories of how Carrie and Brandon determined their own Energy Types, and how their exes played a large role in their initial assessment of themselves. You’ll also discover why a Type 2 might not act like a Type 2 under these circumstances. And could a Type 4 child really be the one to lighten everyone up when things get too heavy?

What “aha” did you have watching this show? Leave a comment below!

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