How to Clear Your Hair Issues For Good & Truly Love Your Hair

End the struggle with your hair & never feel silenced in the salon chair again

What would it be like for you to say, “I love my hair” and really mean it?

I’m going to show you a clearing exercise to make that possible.

On this episode of #EnergyProfilingWithCarol, we’re talking about hair and how to finally love yours! Here’s what we covered in today’s show:

(9:40) – I show you a clip from my brand new resource in our Lifestyle membership, Hair Clearing: No More Sad Hair or Salon Disappointment. What did it bring up for you as you watched?

(16:00) – My first guest, Type 1 Tiffany, is looking for hair advice. She always gets really excited about her hair appointments but leaves feeling dissatisfied—every time. Find out what’s interfering with her experience and how to get the color, style, and upward volume she wants.

(31:15) – My Type 3 guest Amanda has naturally curly hair but is concerned about being “too much” if she goes all out with her hair and style. Can you relate? Listen to how you can clear the blocks that keep you from stepping into your true style.

What “aha” did you get during this show? What steps do you need to take to love your own hair?

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