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Let’s Type The Beatles & Beach Boys!

What Types are these two iconic bands from the 60's?

Let’s have some “Fun, Fun, Fun” and Type the members of the Beach Boys & The Beatles!

Now, whether you’re Team Beatles or Team Beach Boys, you can still practice your Facial Profiling skills and get to know just a little bit more about these two iconic bands from the 60s.

(Not sure what Facial Profiling is? Watch these videos to get a better understanding!)

First, let’s start with The Beatles.

Take a look at their facial features and see if you can guess their Types:

John Lennon 1964

John Lennon

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia)

Paul McCartney Headshot

Paul McCartney

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia)

George Harrison

George Harrison

(Photo Credit: Sheriff Road Studios)

RIngo Starr 1964

Ringo Starr

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia)

Now that you’ve taken your best guess, let’s see if you’re correct!

John Lennon – Type 4
Paul McCartney – Type 1
George Harrison – Type 2
Ringo Starr – Type 3

Each of the band members’ Energy Types was expressed through the myriad of music The Beatles produced through the years.

Type 1: Here Comes the Sun, Blackbird, Ob-Li-Di Ob-La-Da

Type 2: Let it Be, Yesterday, Strawberry Fields

Type 3: Hard Days Night, Sgt Peppers Hearts Club Band, Birthday

Type 4: Come Together, Hey Jude, A Day in the Life

My favorite Beatles songs are all Type 3.

What’s your favorite Beatles song? Does it match your Type?

Now let’s Type the Beach Boys!

Just like you did above, take a look at their facial features and see if you can guess their Types:

Brian Wilson Beach Boys

Brian Wilson

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia)

Dennis Wilson Beach Boys

Dennis Wilson

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia)

Carl Wilson Beach Boys

Carl Wilson

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

Mike Love

Mike Love

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia)

Al Jardine Beach Boys

Al Jardine

(Photo Credit: Paso Robles Daily News)

What do you think? Check your answers to see if you got them right!

Brian Wilson – Type 2
Dennis Wilson – Type 3
Carl Wilson – Type 4
Mike Love – Type 1
Al Jardine – Type 1

The Beach Boys’ music was primarily Type 1. Think of how upbeat, animated, and fresh their songs are!

Type 2 Brian Wilson is recognized as a musical genius and innovator of his time. He was the first to record tracks in studios and combine the music tracks to create different sounds. His subtle nature led to many experiences where he was taken advantage of and compromised in his relationships.

Type 3 Dennis Wilson was the drummer for the band—just like Type 3 Ringo Starr was the drummer for The Beatles!

The Beach Boys were my favorite band growing up in California as a young girl.

Which band do you prefer, especially now that you’ve put an Energy Profiling spin on them?

I love having fun with Energy Profiling. If you don’t yet know your Energy Type, you can find out right here!

Start your free Beginner’s Guide here!

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