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How to Profile Your Favorite Type 4 Celebrities

How to easily tell if a celebrity is a bold, striking Type 4!

It’s the last video of this celebrities series—let’s look at the facial features of Type 4 celebrities!

I teach about the four Types of movement in my Energy Profiling system. Every person has a dominant expression of one of them, and once you’ve been through my free Beginner’s Guide, you want to know everyone else’s too—especially celebrities.

The easiest way to do this is to become skilled at Facial Profiling.

In this video, I show you some of the most obvious, and then other not-so-obvious, Type 4 celebrities!

Type 4 energy is a linear, still, and reflective energy. It has the quality of being aligned with a singular focus. It’s very clear and thought-out. We see Type 4 movement in a person’s face with symmetry, straight lines, and squares and rectangles. A Type 4 person’s face has a bold, stunning quality to it.

What other celebrities do you think are Type 4? Go see if you’re right! I have a complete list in the Type 4 Celebrity Gallery here.

You can find Type 4 energy in these areas too:

Want more guided opportunities to learn about Facial Profiling?

Join Lifestyle! Each month I host “TruthBomb Confirmations” sessions in our private Facebook group. I personally profile a select number of women to help members with real-time instruction on how to become more confident in their facial profiling skills!

Find out if you’re the same Type as your favorite celebrity!

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