Eyebrows: Finish and Frame with Our Best Brow Tips

You've been told the "should's", but what's really best for you?

What’s your eyebrow story?

Over the years the beauty industry has told you half a dozen different “should’s” for what your eyebrows should look like, and it’s always changing. What if I told you that that the natural shape and quality, or in other words, the natural movement of your brows is the best look for you? Well, that’s the truth! Simple, right?

I’ve asked my Dressing Your Truth Makeup Expert, Anna K, to join me as we share our three key tips to help you shape and define your eyebrows true to your natural movement. We’ll show you our simple process and favorite tools for beautiful brows in less than 1 minute! See our before and after side-by-side at 9:38.

3 tips for your best brows:

  1. (2:01) Follow your shape: Why following your natural movement is key to creating the best shape for you. (Anna K walks you through the full process here )
  2. (2:52) Know your brow quality: This is key to selecting the best products for your eyebrows.
  3. (4:26) Use the correct products (including the best color match): Whether you like a lighter (5:27) or a stronger (6:37) application, you can get there with these tools and techniques.

Bouns! (10:02) Use this to stimulate growth in both brows and lashes.

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Video Transcript 

Carol: We’ve got ourselves all made up but one thing is missing. Can you tell what it is? What’s missing is we’ve not done anything to our eyebrows. We have no brow product and we’re gonna show you the difference it makes when you add these simple steps.

Yeah, we all have an eyebrow story or most of us do because, you know, we’ve been given a lot of false information through the years through the beauty media and the whole beauty industry to say, “This is how your eyebrows should look.” So if we go back to my 7th-grade experience when I was 13, I had the eyebrows you want to have now.

Woman: Oh, man. I wish. Beautiful.

Carol: Big and thick and, you know, probably even a unibrow thing going on. And I had no guidance as so many of us did not have guidance from our mothers or sisters. We’re kind of left to our own to figure out this feature on our face.

Woman: Left to the wolves.

Carol: Yeah, and I just remember getting teased about my eyebrows, that they were too much, they were too bushy, too thick. So on my own, very type three of me, I went into the bathroom one night and I plucked out pretty much all my eyebrows. So I had two very pencil-thin lines. And I’m sure my…

Woman: I’m crying inside. I’m weeping.

Carol: Yeah. And I was trying to fix something I felt very ashamed about and then it got worse. Didn’t fix it. I remember to this day sitting…and I played the flute in junior high, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. And I was sitting in band class, seventh period. The boy next to me looked at me in horror. Just like… He said, “What happened to your eyebrows?” And I just…I don’t think I said anything. I think I just turned away and wanted to disappear.

Woman: Played your flute over here.
Carol: So now my eyebrows became this issue in my appearance without a resolution. So here’s the first tip. Many of you have been told you need to have a certain shape and a certain line to your brow. Our number one tip today is your natural movement will be your best movement and your natural movement is true to your type. So follow that. Let that be your brow movement without saying, “Oh, this brow is better than this brow because the movement’s better, and this one’s off.”

Woman: This one’s shaped wrong or this one’s not lining up like the other one. This one’s better.

Carol: We have a really great video for you to learn about your best shape according to your type. There’s a link in the copy. Go watch that. It is a precursor to this information. You wanna be able to accept the natural movement of your eyebrows first and then work with that. We’re gonna show you now how to work with that to get the best look of that natural movement. And we have some great tools and products that I use, you use and we’re gonna show you how to use them.

Woman: Tip number two is about what your eyebrow thickness is.

Carol: The quality of your brow.

Woman: The quality of your brow. So some have thinner hair there and some have thicker hair. Some will have curly hair. Some will be straight. And each one of those things determines what product we use.

Carol: Many of you probably relate to this. You wish you had those thick, really kinda more bushy brow that you had that you plucked all out and you can’t come back. That would be my story.

Woman: Seventh grade.

Carol: So now I have…because of my maturing in age are more sparse, yet, they’re long. I actually have to trim my eyebrow hair and they actually have a wave in them. Where you have a different quality to your brow hair.

Woman: Mine are very thin and I have very straight. And so that…

Carol: They’re very light too.

Woman: They’re very light and that put together makes them look sparse. An eyebrow color balances your face. It frames your face. It brings your eyes alive. It really does a lot. When you don’t have your brows done, you are not complete. It is just not finished.

Carol: Right. And you can see. Especially, I have a dark lip color and it’s about the same place from, you know, my chin. The placement here. I’ve got something missing now that’s really not balancing with my stronger lip color and giving me a more defined and finished look. I like to…I feel finished when my brows are done.

Woman: A little more confident, a little more finished, polished.

Carol: Now the products we’re gonna introduce you to today and the tools include our brow powder. There’s several colors. We have a great color matching guide right on the website for you to match your correct color to your brow. What’s the number tip in matching color?

Woman: Match to your roots. So your natural roots…think when you were younger. So if they’re darker or lighter, that will make a huge difference. So you wanna match to your roots of your hair.

Carol: Our second coloring tool is a brow definer. It’s like a sharpie for your brows.

Woman: I love this thing.

Carol: Comes in several…three colors. I love this. And then brow fix which helps set your brow in place once you’ve got the color on. And this really valuable tool, the dual brow brush that has the spoolie on one end and the brow brush that’s a stiff angular brush for application on the other side. We’re gonna show you how to use these. I actually use all the products. You use the brow powder with the brush. So let’s let you start.

Woman: Okay. This is the brush on brow. And I’m using the brown, the dark brown color. And I’m gonna start with this end of the brush, not the spoolie end but the actual brush end. And I just get a little bit on there. Tap, tap, tap. And I actually tap it onto my hand just to kinda get that residue off. And I like to start here and work my way…

Carol: Notice her short strokes because you’re, you know, mimicking your own brow hair.

Woman: Yeah, and you wanna…

Carol: Right, just these short little swift strokes.

Woman: And the brush, with it being so stiff, really fills in that hair. So it actually looks like hair being put in there. And you can see… And then I flip it over and I…

Carol: That kinda works it into your own brow hair now.

Woman: Works it in and I get the shape a little bit so I’m ready for the brow set. Now I can keep going and make this darker. I could actually use the other one as well. But I think for me, and balance-wise…

Carol: Yeah, you have a lighter brow hair.

Woman: …I have a lighter… Yeah, I’m a little bit lighter. I’ve got some blonde and so this is where I like to take it.

Carol: Yeah. I use the black-brown color. Same method. I like to…because I have those longer brow hairs. So I’m gonna actually use the spoolie first to get my brow hairs in place where I want them. Now I’m gonna just again dip little quick swipes, tap it off on my finger. Now I’m gonna…starting in that same inner brow, very quick movements.

Woman: Quick, quick, quick, quick, quick.

Carol: All the way thinning it. And you’ll see it’s thicker on the inner brow because that’s the way my brow line grows. Now I’m gonna work it with the spoolie to get it in. Now I like to tap…touch up with this brow definer. Very light touches. I’m gonna just…because it creates a better shape for me because my brows are sparse enough that I need to…it’s almost like I’m outlining my eyebrow.

Woman: And this stuff has a semi-permanent… It’s gonna stay for a while, so it has some…

Carol: Then, again, I work it with this.

Woman: Good.

Carol: And it gets a little darker which…I can have that darker color as I have dark roots. Then I’ll take my brow set.

Woman: It looks so good.

Carol: And move, again lightly because this is still a little damp and I don’t wanna have it bleed down…bleed above or under my brow. So you can tell. You know, you might think this looks quite dark but that’s because I haven’t done this one yet. So in comparison, yes. Once I get this side done, it’s going to be fine and you’re going to see with how dark my coloring is. And then I’ve got a dark lipstick on. So let’s say if I was just doing the casual summer makeup look without any real…more saturated colors. I would probably just use…

Woman: The brow…

Carol: …the brow powder.

Woman: The brush on powder, yeah.

Carol: Yeah. The brush on powder and not the brow definer. But I like this combination because again the sparseness of my brows now…I just need the fill-in of the brow definer.

Woman: Well, and this combination that you’re using is real staying power. Like you’re not gonna have to touch your brows till… Well, you could probably wear those brows for two days if you didn’t wash your face.

Carol: I know.

Woman: I’m just saying. Like you could probably wear those for two days.

Carol: I don’t mind. It takes not even a minute to get your brows on in the morning. It’s a very quick process.

Woman: Yeah.

Carol: Well, this brow’s feeling left out so I’m gonna get it done too.

Woman: I’m totally out of whack so I’m gonna do it as well.

Carol: What do you think? I love that my brows can again make a statement in my life.

Woman: Yeah, and it’s very well connected. Like you’re whole now.

Carol: And I didn’t try and make this brow the same shape as this one. I followed the movement of each brow rather than try and force one to look like the other.

Woman: Yeah.

Carol: So and yours look great too.

Woman: You like it? It’s a little bit lighter.

Carol: Yeah, they’re very natural. Super natural.

Woman: Yeah. It’s a little lighter than yours but my makeup’s lighter. Everything about me is a little bit lighter.

Carol: Yeah. You could see in our before and afters what a difference having your brows made up can make in your whole appearance. I’ve got a very dark look on my brow. I can go much lighter. You could go a little darker.

Woman: Yeah, I could.

Carol: So see, there’s that variable as well with these products to determine kinda how strong you want your brow color to be, that looks natural.

Woman: Kind of whatever mood you’re in. Yeah.

Carol: An additional product that we both use is enhanced lash and brow serum. This helps stimulate brow growth, both your eyelashes and your eyebrow hair. So all you’re doing…and I use this even though I add lash extensions. This helps stimulate lash growth so that there’s more lashes to work with when I get my extensions placed on.

Woman: Yeah. Well, as your lashes…

Carol: And yours are your natural lashes.

Woman: Mine are natural but as your lashes…they have phases. So you’ll go through one phase and they’ll shed and then you get another. So you’re building up those lashes that are coming in which is really great. Particularly for extensions.

Carol: You just put it on with your evening skincare routine just right along the upper lid line. I’ll put it underneath and then you can tap it into your eyebrow hair as well. Real simple application and it does make a difference in stimulating that hair growth.

Woman: I used to have a bald spot right here and after using that…

Carol: That’s true. You could just treat different areas if you are wanting to do that so…

Woman: Stimulated my bald spot.

Carol: That’s great. Very excited to see your brows coming alive. Creating a successful brow story. Love those eyebrows. They’re an important part of your features. And get to a place where they’re no longer an issue for you. I don’t think about my eyebrows anymore.

Woman: I don’t even think…and it takes me 30 seconds to do it so it’s easy.

Carol: Yeah, and it’s a great place to be when you have the information, the tools, the products that help you really create your best appearance.

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