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Mess-Free Makeup Removal and Face Cleansing

Is cleaning your face a hassle? Why no skin cleanser might just be the best cleanser.

How many tools and products are you using to remove your makeup and wash your face?

Cotton pads, eye makeup remover, wipes, cleansers, creams, cotton swabs, toners, and lots and lots of water…?

All of this creates a big mess and can be a huge hassle! It might even be the reason you don’t wear makeup. You could be compromising your skincare by not properly removing your makeup and the grime of the day because it’s such a mess and you’re too tired before bed.

I understand and have felt the same way. What if you could eliminate all the hassle and narrow down all the costly tools and products to just one simple and sustainable cloth? Watch as Anne and I demonstrate how to easily and quickly remove all your makeup (even stubborn mascara) in less than one minute, using this microfiber makeup-removing cloth with just a little bit of water. It’s also non-drying to maintain your natural moisture and Ph, and gently exfoliating.

  • (1:08) Why this is different from other options.
  • (1:58) Wow, see how easily this super-soft cloth removes all of our makeup!
  • (2:50) It’s fun to see how different Types use this true to their movement.

I know you’ll like this Easy, Soft, Fast, and Sustainable option as much as I do! It’s the first step in my anti-aging skincare routine.

Simplify your skincare routine with these ultra-soft microfiber cleansing cloths!

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