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Struggling With Your Body Image? Watch this Healing Session

Stop the battle with food!

Are your thoughts about food keeping you from your weight and fitness goals?

An obsessive experience with eating can keep you stuck. I know firsthand how negative feelings about feeding your body can keep you blocked from having a healthy relationship with food.

When you change your beliefs and see food as a resource and a pleasure, then food begins to serve you…rather than holding you captive in shame and fear.

I’ll share with you a powerful tapping technique and a set of affirmations to help you take your power back and enjoy food in a balanced way. Be sure to check out my How to Tap Video for the basic instructions on this healing technique.

But first, take a moment to consider these questions as you watch the video. You may want to journal your answers. We’ll use your thoughts on this in the clearing exercise in the video.

  • What is your view of your body? On a scale of 1-10, 1 being “I hate my body” and 10 being “Positive”, where do you fall?
  • Which parts of my body do I judge most harshly?

Wash away your shame and energy and turn on the truth about your fresh, new experience with fitness and health!

Share in a comment how this video has inspired you to take control of food and share your own success story!

Let me further support you in healing old beliefs through my book, Remembering Wholeness.

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