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How to Tap: Just a Few Minutes to More Joy, Bliss (+ More Money!)

Struggle with negative thinking?

Feel like you’re stuck in a repeating pattern that’s sabotaging your potential to live your truth to the fullest?

Maybe you don’t even know where it comes from!

Want to learn more about the mind/body energy system and how to use it to free yourself of limiting patterns?

I’ll introduce you to a simple and easy-to-use energy healing tool that helps your natural mind/body healing system take effect.

We too often get in our own way and prevent our God-given healing powers from doing their job.

Tapping is an easy-to-use technique to clear this interference in your personal energy system.

In my book, Remembering Wholeness, I talk about why it’s so important to aid yourself in your healing effort. I teach that all healing comes from God, yet there’s a role we each play in allowing it or interfering with it.

My book is a great companion guide to this tapping technique!

Energy healing work assists us in having healthier thoughts and feelings, it’s like mental and emotional hygiene.

You take care of your physical body, be sure you’re not neglecting energy healing in your self-care.

Now, let’s get started! Join me as I walk you through a tapping exercise to create more abundance with money!

After this, you’ll appreciate money so it can appreciate for you!

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