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What Type Are These Two Women? Jaw-Dropping Before & Afters

Guess their Types & see if you're right!

You won’t believe the Before & Afters I’m about to show you.

Facial profiling is the #1 assessment tool I teach to determine your Type in my system of Energy Profiling. Your Type is your true nature; it’s the underlying movement of your being. It expresses itself in many ways in your life, and the most telling way to figure out which Type you are is to learn about facial profiling.

Let’s have some fun and practice facial profiling on two women today!

I recommend watching these videos before we get started:

Now let’s guess their Types!

When you see each of these women’s Before photos, don’t focus on the hairstyle or clothes they’re wearing. Instead, ask yourself what qualities you see:

1. Bright, light, youthful
2. Relaxed, blended, subtle
3. Dynamic, angular, intense
4. Striking, bold, stunning

(1:58) – Before & After #1: Is this even the same woman? I’m amazed at the difference!

(4:30) – Before & After #2: Another jaw-dropper. Did you think she was the Type she’s dressed as?

Want more practice in facial profiling?

To get really good at this skill, join Lifestyle where we have two Truthbomb sessions a month! These are when 6 of our members are selected to receive feedback on their Type, and the entire Facebook groups gets to chime in. Then, I come in at the end and confirm their Type. It’s fun, exciting, and educational!

Join Lifestyle today!

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