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Can Talking to Your Hair REALLY Make a Difference? Hair Talk with Nicole

The way you feel about your hair is important.

And sometimes, it just needs a little extra love to look the way you want!

In this episode of Hair Talk, Expert Stylist Nicole gives you tons of resources to have a happy hair day—every day. She’ll cover products, practices, vocabulary to take to your next hair appointment, and Type-specific answers to your questions.

Here’s just a taste of the questions our community asked:

  • I’m going through menopause and noticing changes to my hair. What’s the best way to deal with these changes?
  • My hair is thinning in certain areas. How do I encourage it to grow again?
  • I’m a Type 2 with a lot of gray hair. How can I color my hair so it blends?
  • How do I get my hair to hold its natural curl?
  • What are ways to get my fine, straight, and thin hair to have a dynamic, Type 3 look?
  • How do I find a stylist that doesn’t make me look like a little old lady?
  • Perms—there are two kinds! Which one is best for my hair?
  • I’m a Type 4 and love parting my hair down the center—how do I get more movement and a less severe look?
  • And a fun tip that everyone with short hair will appreciate: how to grow out your short hair without getting a mullet!

Nicole talks about how stress, thyroid, and hormonal imbalances play a role in unhappy hair. And if you’ve never thought that talking to your hair could really make a difference, her client’s story just might change your mind.

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Hair resources mentioned in this broadcast:

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