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21 Hair Questions in 45 Minutes! Hair Talk with Nicole

You want incredible hair. Hair that makes you feel confident and looks true to your Type. But how do you get that without having to fight with it every day?

Nicole to the rescue!

In this episode of Hair Talk, Nicole answers a record-breaking number of questions from our Lifestyle community, including…

  • Why did my hair stop growing?
  • How do I know what my hair wants to do?
  • What words can I use at my hair appointment to get the right kind of layers?
  • Are perms safe?
  • Is it possible to have a curly pixie cut?
  • I get dandruff if I don’t wash my hair every day—help!

You’ll be amazed at all you learn, with topics ranging from why bringing in pictures to your stylist is so important, to what to say when your stylist gives you the wrong kind of highlights!

Nicole also shares her own personal secret for creating a healthy relationship with your hair: writing a letter to it! You have to watch to see just how powerful it can be.

Hair resources mentioned in this broadcast:

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