How Each Energy Type Defines “Comfort”

Nobody likes to wear uncomfortable clothes!

But Type 2 people have a first-reference to “comfort” due to their more sensitive nature. I teach in my Energy Profiling course how comfort is so important in the world of a Type 2 woman.

You may be thinking “I like comfort, I must be a Type 2!” But remember what I teach about using all the tools in your profiling toolbox. Preferences like these are just one tool. Consider facial features and body movement too.

In order to continually support you in seeing your Energy Type correctly, I’ve invited the Dressing Your Truth 4 Types Panel to discuss what comfort means to them.

Notice the difference between Type 2 Anne’s description of “comfy” and Type 4 Kalista’s description of finding comfort in an item that fits properly.

Do you feel comfortable in an item because it supports you in moving around and getting things done? Or how about feeling an item is comfortable because it’s not restrictive or heavy?

These can all be keys to assessing yourself correctly.

Dressing Your Truth will support you in feeling more comfortable in yourself and in your clothes.

It’s truly as amazing as it sounds.

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