How Each Energy Type Does “To-Do Lists”

In my Energy Profiling course, I teach that all 4 Types of people have a natural gift we share with the world. First we looked at how each Type does ideas, then how each Type does details.

Now, let’s take a look at how each Type does “to-do lists.”

Every woman manages tasks and most of us can get a lot done!

But the Type 3 way of getting things done amps it up to a whole new level–it’s our gift!

Join me and the Dressing Your Truth 4 Types Beauty Panel and explore how each Type of woman gets things done.

Learn the difference between a Type 1’s motivation to keep a to-do list and a Type 2’s motivation to keep one.

Also find out the difference between creating a “system” and creating a “plan.”

It’s amazing how even though we are operating in the Type 3 gift, we’re all still so true to our own nature. Do you see the difference?

What resonates with you? Share it in the comments along with your Energy Type!

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