How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain – Tips for Every Type

How to enjoy the holidays and all the food—without the weight gain!

The holidays are a magical time, but they certainly get busy. With more gatherings and parties, that means more food. And lots of it!

Now, let me be clear: there’s nothing wrong with food! I love the experience of food. The art of it, the textures, and tastes. I’m all in when it comes to making food a pleasurable experience.

But it can’t be a pleasurable experience if we’re at odds with it because we’re worried about gaining or carrying extra weight.

I know. I’ve been there, done that, and healed that.

And I know it’s possible for you to have a positive experience with food during the holidays.

How to have a positive experience with food & avoid weight gain

Every Type of person has tendencies when it comes to food and weight gain. Which of these tendencies do you relate to the most?

(2:15) – Type 1: Upward, light energy. Your tendency is to be a social eater. When you’re with friends and family, you may lose track and will eat more than you wanted!

(3:15) – Type 2: Downward, fluid, calming energy. Your tendency is to be an emotional eater. You may find yourself eating to relieve stress that comes from the extra holiday bustle.

(4:19) – Type 3: Push-forward, determined energy. You’re a grab-and-go eater. There’s so much going on that your choices are not always the best.

(5:05) – Type 4: Structured, linear, focused energy. You’re either on that track or not when it comes to food. You have an all-or-nothing tendency with eating healthy.

Holidays can amplify these food tendencies for every Type! It’s a cultural norm to let it all go during the holidays and then get back on track after they’re over. But you can feel better all throughout the holiday season when you’re not disrupting your usual healthy habits.

(6:40) – 4 Tips you can add right now to stay on track. There’s a tip for each Type, or you can do all 4 tips!

Clear your issues with food for good.

On January 6th, I’ll be personally guiding Healing Center members through the 4-week Healing Plan for Weight Loss. This group-supported experience is powerful. You’ll walk alongside others who are clearing their deeper issues, emotional patterns, and psychological beliefs that provoke poor choices with food.

You’ll discover all of the hidden reasons you’re not losing the extra weight. You’ll have a different experience with food for the rest of your life.

Join the Weight Loss Cure today!

What tip are you going to add as you move into the holidays?

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