The Best Way to Love The Shape of Your Body Starting Today

How to totally love the shape of you

If you’re like most women, you’ve spent time trying to figure out which body shape you have.

Body shape analysis systems have been around for quite a while, and they’re popular because they’re helpful when figuring out which clothes are correct for you.

Whether you have an hourglass, pear, triangle, or apple shaped body, you want to create a personal style that complements your unique figure.

These systems are often used by the fashion industry, and they do a great job helping you recognize your true proportions.

But here’s the catch: knowing your body shape doesn’t help you recognize your true beauty.

Many women live under the false belief that they are too fat or too old or too SOMETHING.

When women feel uncomfortable in their bodies, they assume their body shape is the problem. This can prevent you from seeing your true self.

There’s nothing wrong with you—or your body shape! The fashion industry has just convinced you to wear things that don’t honor your true movement.

The fashion industry isn’t out to get you, but this system is flawed.

Beauty doesn’t come down to weight, height, or measurements. It comes down to a woman expressing her natural beauty outwardly.

Your body is just an outward expression of your true inner self.

You need a better system to help you love your body shape like never before.

Beauty comes in many sizes, colors, shapes, physical features, personalities, and movements of the body.

You already know this—and now there’s a system that knows it too.

Dressing Your Truth is a system based on Energy Profiling that teaches how everyone moves through life in a unique way. For instance, some people express themselves in an animated way, while others are more reserved. Some people jump into action, while others are more methodical.

When you discover your Energy Type and begin dressing according to it, you’ll instantly resolve a large percentage of the most common body shape issues.

Your body naturally expresses and responds to movement. Dressing Your Truth focuses on 5 elements of expression: color, design line, texture, fabrication, and pattern.

When you don’t have those 5 elements on your body, you feel disconnected from your true self and tend to judge your body shape based on perceived flaws.

Learn what Energy Type you are and be seen for who you truly are—no matter your body shape.

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