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How You Sit and What It Says About You

Plus, tips to enjoy your sedentary moments even more.

Are you sitting down? How you sit reveals a lot about you.

Body language is something that is very difficult to force or fake. A person cannot sit in an unnatural (for them) position for long. Check your chair. Are you sitting true to your nature?

Energy Profiling is a system that identifies 4 main ways that people move through the world. It’s a system based on movement. Everything in this world has a movement and an Energy Type—even they way you sit!

Let’s look at the tendencies of each Type.

Type 1: The Perky Perch

“Can’t you just sit still?” Nope!

Along with an inability to sit in one position for long, people of this higher movement can comfortably sit “criss-cross applesauce” on the floor, just like a kid would. It’s also not uncommon to find a Type 1 “perching” on a counter, armrest, step, or just about anywhere else because they’ll be up onto something else in no time.

  • Type Tip Time! If you’re having a hard time containing your Type 1 energy in a setting where you need to be seated for a longer amount of time, distracting yourself with another little task may help, like doodling.

A Type 1 Lifestyle member recently shared in the Lifestyle Facebook group,

“Sitting still in meetings is HARD! I fidget, my legs bounce, and I squirm. If I doodle, I can focus.”

Type 2: The Restful Recline

You find it the easiest of all the Types to just relax and repose. Some people may call it “slouching.” We’ll call it a “luxurious lean.”

Look at the lovely way Dressing Your Truth Expert, Jenny, lounges on the couch as she talks about what it’s like to be soft and subtle Type 2 woman in the Before & After course.

Type 2 women are also the most likely to curl up when they sit to read, reflect, or connect with others during a little chit-chat.  

  • Here’s your Type Tip: Find little ways to add extra comfort when you get a chance to sit. Kick off your shoes under your desk or put a blanket over your legs. You’ll be able to enjoy yourself more when you’re truly comfortable. Whether it’s chatting, working or relaxing, make sure you’ve taken those steps to ensure your comfort.

Type 3: The Solid Seat

As shared in Carol’s book, It’s Just My Nature if you’re a Type 3, “People can even hear you sit, due to your deliberate movement. You create angles when you sit and stand. Leg crossed, one leg pulled up under you…”

Like your higher energy Type 1 sisters, Type 3 women are less likely to sit for long periods of time. Gotta go, gotta do!

  • True to your practical nature you love a good tip! Here’s one just for you! Like Type 1’s you may find it helpful to have something do to if you have to be seated for a long period of time. Answer emails on your phone where appropriate, knit, take notes. Just give your hands some busy work. If you have to sit there, do nothing and pay attention, it may sound odd, but chewing gum may help you to burn that extra energy that constantly courses through your fiery veins!

Type 4: The Perfect Pose

Dressing Your Truth Type 4 Expert Liz shares in the Before and After course, that people notice that she has exact posture and sits up straight all the time. Liz says it’s a comfortable position for her; that’s the way she naturally sits.

You most likely were not scolded in the classroom for not being able to sit still. You’re able to sit so still that you may have had the experience of people giving you a nudge, just to make sure you’re still awake when you didn’t react in a movie, or to a joke, or when someone has called your attention.  

  • A tip for Type 4 women: Since you have the easiest time of all sitting still, it’s a good reminder to get up and move around every-so-often. Stretch those legs, take a little walk, and interact with those around you. Your ability to focus is your gift! Just don’t forget to touch base with the rest of the world.

Do you see yourself in any of these descriptions? Do you have a tip of your own? Share your comments!

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