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How Your Bedtime Routine Gives You a #ClueBomb

Are you a night owl or do you retire early? I share what it all means!

Our daily routines say a lot about who we are and how we move through life.

#EnergyProfilingWithCarol is a fast-paced, interactive show where I teach the process of discovering your Energy Type. This week, we’re focusing on the evening routines of the 4 Energy Types!

First, I talk to my guest, Maria. She’s a Type 2 woman who shares her journey to discovering her Energy Type. Learn what “keyword” helps her the most when choosing clothes that are correct for her.

Later, my second guest Mariah is still confused about her Energy Type. She’s tried nearly all of them. What was holding her back from seeing her true self? We’ll find out!

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In Lifestyle, we’ve talked about morning routines and recently released a follow-up video with the Experts where they discussed their evening routines. Were the tendencies the Experts revealed true to your Type, too?

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