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Is Your Evening Routine True to Your Type?

The panel shares their end-of-the-day challenges & tips.

You can end your day in a more supportive way by honoring your Type’s natural tendencies.

Do you have an evening routine? Is it fulfilling? Does your nighttime process set you up for success the following day?

Today I’m joined by our panel of Experts as we answer those questions. Notice how their true nature comes forward each evening.

Jaleah encourages Type 1 women that have a routine, not to get worried about making it perfect. Support your light nature by not expecting too much of yourself at the end of the day.

Type 2 Expert Anne recommends having a plan of action to avoid dawdling before bed. She’s got an app that keeps her on track.

Sarah says that Type 3 women should keep that to-do list tucked away, so as not to launch yourself into action-mode right before bed.

Type 4 Expert Kalista shares what she does in the evening so her morning routine will go more smoothly. Spoiler Alert! She blows Sarah’s mind (and maybe yours, too) with this tip!

Carol has new guideline she’s created for herself, so she doesn’t stay up all night giving #cluebombs in the Lifestyle Facebook group!

Share your thoughts in a comment: What do you do to make your nighttime routine amazing?

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