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“I Know My Type, But It’s Still Not Working For Me!”

What's really going on when you're struggling with your Type

Are you still struggling even though you know your Type?

You discovered Dressing Your Truth and came to a decision about knowing your Type. This is wonderful! Congratulations. Sometimes women get stuck in a phase of indecision—so it’s fantastic that you know yourself and Typed yourself correctly.

But now, maybe you find yourself in an odd place where something just doesn’t feel right.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

I know my Type, but…

  • I’m afraid I’m doing it wrong.
  • I can’t get my hair quite right.
  • My outfits are too plain, basic, or boring.
  • I can’t find any good accessories for my wardrobe.
  • I don’t like how I look.
  • I don’t look as nice as other women doing DYT.

This could make you question the whole Dressing Your Truth system. You become dissatisfied and end up writing off DYT altogether. “It just doesn’t work!” you might even say.

But wait. There’s something much deeper going on.

Recently there was a powerful discussion going on in our members-only Lifestyle Facebook group. Women admitted they don’t share photos of themselves in the group because they don’t know how to do it “right.” Some took it a step further and shared vulnerably that they don’t like how they look, or they’re afraid to be seen, afraid that they’re not young or pretty enough, afraid they’ll be rejected, or that they’ll be laughed at if they found out they’ve actually Typed themselves incorrectly.

All of these thoughts and fears create negative self-talk, which keeps them staying small and hidden.

What’s the underlying pattern happening here?

I see an underlying theme playing out here. Consider the possibility that it’s not Dressing Your Truth that is the problem—it’s that you’ve brought your personal blocks and issues into Dressing Your Truth.

When you have an energy pattern of struggle and “life is hard” running, you bring these patterns with you wherever you go, whoever you interact with, and whatever new thing you try.

If you believe that life is a struggle and that things never work out for you, those beliefs will shape every experience you have.

It will be very challenging to make changes. No matter what it is that you attempt, it will just become the next thing that’s hard.

Has DYT become the new distraction that’s keeping you stuck?

Another thing I’ve seen happen when women join DYT is that they will start to experience emotional issues about determining their Type. They think the real problem is that they must not like their Type, or they begin to run a loop of self-doubt, worried that they’ve Typed themselves incorrectly.

But just like before, this is another place the pattern of “hard” is showing up.

DYT is just bringing up the emotional pattern of pain that wants to be healed for you. If you’ve found yourself caught up in the stressful experience where you’re doubting your Type or trying to determine it, you may be missing the opportunity to heal.

How to truly do the deeper healing to get out of this pattern.

I say this with kindness and directness: look within. I know from experience how unfulfilling it is to look externally. That was my default for many years, and it kept me from seeing what really needed to be addressed internally. When I finally changed my focus and started to see myself as a creator of my life, instead of as a victim responding to whatever was happening, everything changed.

Twenty years ago, I wrote Remembering Wholeness to share about this process of creation.

My life and reality are beautiful creations and experiments that I have come to more fully appreciate as I have put into daily practice the truths I wrote about in this book 20 years ago. Remembering my wholeness has been quite a journey. What appeared to be real and painful was only an illusion designed to convince me that I was the opposite of who I really am.

With a lot of practice, I’ve come to love my life. And it’s easy!

But this isn’t meant to be an experience just for me—I wrote this book to help people just like you. It has been read across the world by thousands of people, and it’s more relevant now than ever before.

In this book, I teach you how to step into your power and free yourself up from negative thinking and beliefs. Your negative thinking serves no value, and it will only create experiences you are unhappy with, again and again. This includes your experience with Dressing Your Truth!

Your thoughts and beliefs shape your perception of beauty.

The more healing you do, the more clearly you will shed the negative beliefs and patterns, and the more clearly you will see your true self. You will feel more grounded, more confident, and calmer. You will tap into joy within you, and you’ll easily accept your Type (or come to know it) without stress!

“As you clear and heal your fears, worries, and limiting beliefs, you open yourself up to receive more than you can imagine.

Becoming the creator in your life will support you in fully realizing the benefit of living your true nature without these interferences of negative beliefs.

Dressing Your Truth is about building your confidence as a woman—looking good is just a perk and it’s not the reason I created it. I was inspired to create DYT because God wanted me to help other women love themselves.

Step into your power and start to create the life you actually want to live. You’re capable and ready! Need a little push? Get yourself a brand new copy of my 20th Anniversary Edition of Remembering Wholeness!

Get your copy of Remembering Wholeness today!

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