Letting Life and Lightness Back In: Brooke’s Before & After

How long have you been letting what others think dampen your spirit?

No more hiding! It’s time to let your light shine and to let us all be blessed by it!

You love the feeling of being able to bring happiness to others. It’s your gift! But, sometimes that gift can get misguided and cause you to start trying too hard to please others, compromising your own joy and losing yourself.

The irony is that people-pleasing doesn’t bring others, or you, real and lasting happiness. Living your truth (and dressing it) does!

As a busy professional woman over 50, Brooke had lost her spark. She had been living in the shadow of her true self. She was stuck in people-pleasing, a commonplace that Type 1 women often fall. She was working, dressing, and behaving in ways that she thought other people wanted her to. But once she opened herself up to the truth of her bright and animated Type 1 self she came alive with renewed vitality and spirit! She said that what she loves most is “being able to start the day feeling great about myself… feeling light and airy and happy! Ready to live fully!”

Watch Brooke brighten as I, and my Type 1 Expert Jaleah, guide her through a night-and-day transformation that brings the sparkle back to her eyes, and gives her fresh confidence in her personal style!

In this Before & After we talk about (The makeover begins at 9:38):

  • (2:52) How simple creative activities can reawaken and energize your life.
  • (4:49) Why yellow (or insert any other color you were told you couldn’t wear) could actually be “your color”.
  • (10:34) What the real secret to looking instantly slimmer is (hint: it’s not about body shape).
  • (14:20) How your Style Guide helps you see your true colors!

Jump in and start Dressing Your Truth so that you can feel beautiful and amazing, living the truth of who you really are! Start with my free Beginner’s Guide.

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Video Transcript

Carol: It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Brook. Hello.

Brooke: Hello.

Carol: This is typical clothing for you which, you know, is not Type 1.

Brooke: Yes, I do know.

Carol: And have you been wearing silver also?

Brooke: Yes, almost exclusively silver.

Carol: Tell me your reason for choosing silver.

Brooke: I think in my head, I associate it with some sort of ideal, calm, female, feminine ideal, you know?

Carol: Even when you’re not dressing your truth, you do not appear your age in my opinion, especially… I’m, you know, standing very close to you, and you have amazing youthful skin.

Brooke: Oh, thank you.

Carol: You’re 59.

Brooke: Yes.

Carol: And that’s just so… I’m excited for you to go through this transformation to really bring out that particular quality that Type 1s express all through their life, is a youthfulness, a lightness of who you are. In discovering your Type I energy, you now recognize there’s a lot of things you’ve stopped in your life or you didn’t allow. And I’d love for you…and I don’t know what they are. I’d love for you to share with me and our viewers what you’re noticing.

Brooke: I’m noticing that it’s… I do about five different things. You know, I’m a singer… In the past, I’ve only taught voice and empowered other people. And ironically, my teaching was always based around, if you understand your anatomy, if you get on the breath, your true voice will come out. So I taught that but never…

Carol: Didn’t know, recognize your true nature, your true breath so to speak. So now you are.

Brooke: Your spirit, you know, respiration.

Carol: You’re an opera singer, I understand.

Brooke: I did that for a while. I think that I was trying to pigeonhole myself in that, but I also play guitar. I’ve done folk music. I’m going back to the musical theater.

Carol: So you’re a vocalist.

Brooke: Well, back in high school, I wanted to be an actress. That’s all I wanted to do. I was obsessed with it. I went to all sorts of plays, and I’d sneak out and take classes. And I went to kind of very creative high school where we would direct our own shows. And my parents would pull me out if my grades were below an A. “No, you cannot be in this amazing experience because you didn’t get an A in math.”

Carol: We tend to not blame parents in this world because they were operating based on what they’ve been taught was correct as far as raising a responsible child. They were operating on that.

Brook: Because I spent, you know, gosh, how long 30-plus years, almost 40 years doing what I thought other people wanted me to do, trying to be a square peg in someone else’s round hole. And then a couple of years ago, a lot of stuff happened that really got my attention. You know, a lot of bad…you know, I was re-creating a horrible work environment, just relationships were falling apart…

Carol: So you couldn’t do it anymore.

Brook: Couldn’t do it. And I pulled back, and that’s been a journey. And I started writing, I started doing all sorts of…

Carol: Expressive things, it sounds like.

Brook: Yeah.

Carol: Creative things that are true to your Type 1 nature. So then you found the beauty profiling system and discovered that’s me.

Brook: Yes, yes.

Carol: Was it affirming to you then?

Brook: It was unbelievably affirming. I had started putting my toe back in the water doing musical theater. And the affirmation, just in less than a year, has been huge.

Carol: People are recognizing your energy, your natural expression of self, so let’s get a look that matches it and really kick it up. You’re ready? You’re ready?

Brook: I’m getting teary [crosstalk 00:03:30.705] lost years. Yeah, I’m ready.

Carol: I know.

Brook: I’m ready.

Carol: Every woman has lost some years to what everybody else thinks, and what the fashion world has told us what we should do. So Julia[SP] has been busy getting a look together for you, and I think it’s gonna pop your eyes.

Brook: Okay. I can’t wait. I’m really psyched.

Carol: [crosstalk 00:03:49.283] All right. Good. Let’s meet with Julia.

Brook: Okay.

[00:03:51] [music] [00:04:21]

Carol: Julia, this is so exciting.

Julia: I know, huh? I love this.

Carol: This is the phrase that comes to mind, you tell me if you’re feeling this, breath of fresh air. That’s the look we’re going for here. How do you feel about that?

Brook: I feel really excited, a little scared.

Julia: I wanted something where you could go to an audition and just “pow,” “bam.” They see you. They see you’re a light, that you’re a breath of fresh air. So this is what we put together. We have this amazing dark tent cardigan. And I love the star point on the neckline, and it just is gonna give such a great balance to this amazing yellow. Look at this.

Carol: You told me [crosstalk 00:05:01.959] a little story about the yellow because I think it’s very common for Type 1 women to have this kind of thought process. So tell us [crosstalk 00:05:11.182].

Brook: Well, I’ve never worn yellow because I had been trained to match…to get my eye color to pop, and yellow would be the last color for me to wear with my coloring. So I’m on the plane going, “I bet they’re gonna put me in yellow. I bet this is gonna be the first…” This is gonna be the first time in my life I’m wearing yellow.

Carol: Really?

Brook: Yes.

Carol: First time?

Brook: Yes.

Carol: Well, it’s about time.

Julia: I’ve got this amazing circle pattern in this dress.

Carol: The texture is great, fabrication perfect. And I love the little pleats that gives it more of the flouncy skirt at the bottom.

Julia: Exactly. And we have this great skinny belt that will go with it, too, so it will tie it all together. But I love that we’re doing such a great combination with the two of these together. You wouldn’t think of it, but when we put it together…

Carol: We’re not only putting you in yellow, we’re putting you in, like, the strongest yellow tint we can find in the Type 1 world. So it’s like God is saying to you, “Brook, you’re ready to step into being your own breath of fresh air.” Because they’re not gonna notice the dress and the cardigan. They’re gonna notice you and your gifts, that you are as you are, the breath of fresh air.

Julia: Exactly.

Carol: So show us the accessories there.

Julia: Okay. We’re gonna go with something really fun and bright on your wrist, so this great yellow. And as you can tell, the colors are not the same, but you can wear them together because animated bright, it’s all gonna work together. With this square shape, it’s gonna be a little bit more of a classic, a little bit more professional, little bit more evening wear-ish, so it’s gonna look so great with this together. Isn’t that fun? I can’t wait. And we’ve got some really classic beautiful kind of animated rectangle diamond earrings for you.

Carol: Sparkle is a quality in all of your jewelry that creates that pop. Have you naturally…has your beauty sixth sense drawn you to the sparkle?

Brook: Lately, lately. But for years, it was pull back, get to stand in the corner.

Carol: Pull back. Right, right. But you’re noticing that you do enjoy a quality of sparkle from your body.

Brook: Yes, very, very much.

Carol: Perfect. Because you have that twinkle in your eye. So interesting, Dressing Your Truth never matches hair color or skin color or eye color, it matches your energy. So we’re matching not the color of your eye, the twinkle in your eye. Isn’t that great?

Julia: Exactly.

Brook: That is great.

Julia: All right. And I’ve got these “Ahh” amazing gold shoes.

Carol: Let’s show the backside of those heels.

Julia: Yes. Oh, my gosh. This fun little button here on the back is. It’s so cute.

Brook: This is so new for me. I’m like, “Really?” I feel like I’m about to step through the Narnia wardrobe and find a better me on the other side. Right. And I’m grabbing clothes as I go through the wardrobe, like here we go.

Carol: Those watching will experience it that way because of the next time we see you, it will as though you walked through it. Today, we’re seeing your hair with a straight quality to it, and it’s just so flat on you, it’s [inaudible 00:08:07]. So I’m excited that your new hairstyle is going to really create an upward light movement. And that is going to be a facelift, in and of itself.

Brook: Wow.

Carol: It will match that higher movement on your face. So I’m excited for you and your hairstyle as well.

Brook: I’m super excited.

Carol: Makeup, has that been something you’ve used much in your fashion experience?

Brook: I love makeup, but I have always been told to go to browns, natural shades…

Carol: Again, kind of looking at your hair color, more muted colors.

Brook: Natural shadows.

Carol: Okay. So our goal is to support your natural beauty, so your makeup will support your natural, beautiful face. And I hear from Type 1 women a concern, because things get very bright in the type one world that there’s a reference to looking like a clown. Did that ever come up for you when you were introduced to what your Type 1 style was?

Brook: Yes, yes, and I actually haven’t taken the bold step forward towards makeup, beyond the natural shadows that [inaudible 00:09:09]. So this is really an adventure for me.

Carol: With the correct makeup, correct hairstyle, you’re going to look classic, professional. A woman who’s confident.

Brook: Yeah, I don’t want to have my wings clipped just to fit your…you know? If you get me, you get me. Good.

Carol: Right. Are you ready?

Brook: I am ready.

Carol: Oh, good.

Brook: I’m more than ready and a little scared…

Carol: Oh good.

Julia: Let’s go do this.

Brook: …but good scared.

Carol: Okay. Great. Let’s move forward. And I’m excited to see the amazing after of Brook.

[00:09:38] [music] [00:09:59]

Carol: Julia, you chose some very strong Type 1 tints for Brook.

Julia: I did.

Carol: Did it work out as amazing as you had hoped for?

Julia: Oh, she looks amazing.

Carol: And we wanted a little more professional look for her.

Julia: Yes. When she shows up to that audition or anything professional she’s going to, they’re gonna notice her. They’re gonna see her and they’re gonna be like, “I like her. She’s got something. [crosstalk 00:10:18.105]”

Carol: You don’t even have to audition.

Julia: Exactly.

Carol: Let’s take a look at her before picture.

Julia: All right. Let’s bring her out. Come on out, Brook.

Carol: Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness, you know.

Julia: Right? Brook, you look amazing.

Carol: I’m amazed how everyone looks so trim. And you just all shrink. You’re like…you’re a very petite woman, you know?

Brook: Oh? Well, thank you. And there will be more petiteness to come, but that’s the other great thing about this. I realize that it’s not based on short waist, long waist.

Julia: Right.

Carol: No, no, no.

Brook: You know, that everyone looks great.

Carol: Yeah, we have some tips on those body shape qualities. But definitely, Dressing Your Truth is about your movement, your Type 1 self. I love the makeup. You’ve put on that blue mascara. That’s really popping your eye. So, well, I want to know how’d you feel wearing this out, you know, doing your thing.

Brook: I would actually find things to go to, to wear clothes like this.

Carol: What do you love about it?

Brook: I love the motion of this. I love the texture on this, the shapes of the circles. I love the contrast of the color.

Carol: How about the gold pumps? Do you feel good in those?

Brook: Oh, my gosh. I feel like a diva, ready for an Italian…you know?

Julia: Opera.

Brook: Yes, or a movie premiere or something like that.

Carol: Did you realize you had as much wave and curl that we’re seeing now?

Brook: That was brand-new for me. Totally brand-new that it was coming out and so naturally.

Carol: We’ve lightened the front here just a little, I can see. And I’d love for you to turn and do a little spin because I’d love them to see the backside of your hair as well because it’s just so playful. Go ahead and stand there for a minute. Because we took the weight off of it. The way it’s cut now, it’s these fun layers…

Julia: Fun layers.

Carol: …that really lightens it up. And turn around again. Do you feel that? Do you feel a lift in just feeling the weight coming off?

Brook: Yes, absolutely. And I feel…I’m so… You know, what happens after a certain age is they tell you you have to have short hair and you have to blond it out or you, you know. So this is…I can wear it this length and be myself and not, you know, have to look like someone else thinks I have to look. I can look like myself.

Carol: It’s perfect. Well, the jewelry, too. This was a piece that we had particularly selected for you, to give it a little bit more of a classic…you know, just to bring the level of dress. Because you could certainly throw on a pair flat sandals, go with a lighter…you know, just a playful necklace, and you’ve got a summer outfit here. You know what I’m saying? And you could then even go to a jacket and take it the direction of even a little more traditional, professional look. So you’ve got a lot of directions you can go with a base piece like this. Just give us a couple of tips of what you noticed.

Julia: I just love that her hair, because we’ve lightened the length and the heaviness, that’s all she needed to get this great style. And we just really pushed it up. And ladies, it can be so simple to get this, so…

Carol: You were very close to what…what you said, more Type 1 hairstyle. We just had to modify the cut, put a little bit of color in it, and then it’s the finishing product as well. Do you feel confident you can do this on your own?

Brook: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I have the product in my bag and ready to go and can’t wait to try it on my own. And I’m not fussy with my hair, and I was really taught how to just kind of finger comb it and…typical Type 1 caring of my hair. That’s good.

Carol: Well, that’s our goal. And you’re learning this….you’re at home learning this on your own, taking all the information that we share. You can go to any stylist. You can go to, you know, any… You can shop on your own. You can be your own hair expert. You are your own beauty expert in the Dressing Your Truth world, and you’re seeing that for yourself now.

Brook: Yes, yes.

Carol: I wanna get the style guide.

Julia: We’re gonna show it on your outfit and show how it works?

Carol: Yeah, because these are very strong type one tints, but you can still see the connection here with that. And I wanna give this to you.

Brook: Oh, thank you. Oh, my gosh.

Carol: And we would like to invite you to do our 30-day challenge, which is that you’ll only dress true to your Type 1 beauty for 30 days. Now, that’s no black. And then if you were to go back to something that isn’t Type 1 in its expression and let’s say, after 30 days you were to wear that again, our hope for you is you’re gonna notice a vast difference in how you feel, and even how you move and how you act. That what you put on your body and your appearance on the outer expression of you really needs to be an extension of your true self and your inner nature.

Brook: Yeah, I can feel that this is just gonna bring so many more good things, you know, by not hiding who I am, not hiding my light under a bushel. I’m starting to get teary.

Carol: [inaudible 00:15:22] start with this yellow dress, no more hiding. Even if you were in the light, we come through the bushel. No more of that. So you will do the 30-day challenge?

Brook: I’m on it. I’ll take pictures every day and send them to you. I’ll keep a blog, a personal blog.

Julia: Yeah, do it.

Brook: How about that?

Carol: And so what are you most excited about now that you’re really connected with this and knowing who you are?

Brook: I’m excited about just being able to start the day feeling great about myself and not pulling on the old black pants and…you know, that I can choose to just even walk the dog feeling light and airy and happy, you know? And it’s an amazing empowerment.

Carol: Good.

Brook: That’s really, really wonderful.

Julia: We’re so glad to have you here, and we’ve had so much fun with you. Thank you so much.

Brook: Yeah, we’ve had so much fun with you. It’s an amazing team.

Carol: Thank you.

Brook: And with you.

Carol: Thanks for being so true to who you are. And the radiance is really coming forward now. We all feel that. I know they feel it. You’re a great role model for all the Type 1 women that are watching, that are feeling as you are, ready, ready to really live fully. Thank you so much.

Brook: Thank you. Thank you.

Julia: You’re welcome.

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