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Rethinking Stay-at-Home Style: Laura’s Before & After

How to go from feeling blah to feeling beautiful!

Who are you getting dressed for? Whether you are a busy mom or a work from home professional great style should be something that you do for yourself.

The difference between feeling blah and feeling beautiful could be switching those sweat pants out for a sassy pair of jeans. You could be shutting yourself down in an attempt to look calm and approachable. You and other people are most comfortable with you when you show up for yourself and honor your strong dynamic qualities. The easiest place to start is with what you put on your body.

In my system of Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth, I teach you how to develop a personal style correct for you that honors your personal strengths!

Meet Laura, a homeschooling stay-at-home mom of four children. For much of her life she had been trying to “calm down” in an effort to meet other people’s ideas of who she should be. But not anymore! Watch as my Type 3 Expert, Sarah, and I guide her through dynamic makeover transformation that proves that stay-at-home style can and should be rich in both beauty and comfort!

In this Before & After we talk about (The makeover begins at 10:27):

  • (1:55) Why “calming down” isn’t really comfortable for you or others.
  • (2:10) Lifestyle habits to support your push-forward energy in a healthy way.
  • (3:25) Where to step out of your style comfort zone.
  • (14:29) How your Style Guide helps you make the correct choices for you.
  • (15:02) How to send the right message about who you are by what you wear.

Begin Dressing Your Truth so that you can feel beautiful and dynamic, living the truth of who you really are!

Give yourself permission to have the style that you’ve always wanted with my free Beginner’s Guide.

Ready to take your style to the next level? Start my Free Beginner’s Guide today!

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Video Transcript:

Carol: Well, I’m excited to introduce you to Laura. Hi, Laura.

Laura: Hi, Carol.

Carol: I love Laura’s story because I think it’s fairly common, her experience in her profiling process. You had determined you are a type three, and a lot came forward for you…

Laura: It did.

Carol: …I understand in that process. A lot of ahas, a lot of understanding your own struggle internally. In her world, gray was her go-to color.
Laura: Right, my calming colors.

Carol: Sure, yes.

Laura: My calming colors.

Carol: So share with our viewers what your experience has been trying to be yourself and fighting yourself for so long.

Laura: When I first came to this I thought I was a two. I identified with the connecting and the flowy and that’s kind of how I wanted to be.

Carol: And so in that effort to calm yourself, that is something that’s we’re told more than any other type to be calm especially in those very early days of our life, the shush influence and the calm down, calm down with the misunderstanding of our parents and no ill intent on their part, they don’t understand this dynamic push forward movement especially in a small child, a little girl which you were a little girl. And your parents didn’t recognize this is an attribute. So without consciously trying to get you…you know, they weren’t trying to get you to be at odds with yourself, it was just a by-product of the whole kind of unfolding of your life that you need to be calmer, Laura. You need to calm down. And you found that you had an issue with anger.

Laura: I did.

Carol: And that you were really angry.

Laura: All the time.

Carol: And you concluded that that was just a weakness in you.

Laura: Yes, that I needed to control.

Carol: Yeah. And now, what light have you shed on that?

Laura: Not being able to move and express the energy true to myself, to have that force, to have that strength and to always having to shut down to make it easier for other people to be around me.

Carol: And once you now know this is my movement, and I need to express it in a healthy way. And so you’ve taken on some new lifestyle habits.

Laura: Yes.

Carol: What are some things that you’ve included now in your experience of just allowing that energy.

Laura: I love an intense workout. I love kickboxing. I can punch and kick the air without hurting anybody.

Carol: So you’ve found channels to be aggressive, to move your body.

Laura: Yes. And I have realized that I love being outside. There is amazing peace and comfort and strength that comes from just being outside.

Carol: Yeah, that big space.

Laura: Yes.

Carol: There’s no roof.

Laura: No roof. I don’t have to contain myself outside.

Carol: Right, right. And so implementing those simple lifestyle habits is you’re less angry because it’s allowing that energy to express in a healthy way. The least effective thing you could’ve done is telling yourself constantly to calm down. You should just say I gotta get out. I gotta get out. I gotta express this. But we’re excited today to support in changing your luck so that it gives permission for self, you know. And you’re in that process which I love.

Laura: Right.

Carol: So thank you for volunteering to be a part of our transformation experience so we can support you in bringing that to life in your style.

Laura: Well, thank you for having me. I’m excited.

Carol: You’re ready to give up your gray?

Laura: Yes.

Carol: I’m usually saying black to mostly everybody. But in your case…
Laura: It’s gray.

Carol: You’re letting go of the gray.

Laura: I’m letting go of the gray. No more gray.

Carol: Good. Well, let’s meet Sarah. Let’s see what she’s chosen for you.

[00:03:45.448] [music] [00:04:06.625]

We take into consideration each of our ladies’ lifestyles. What are these women doing day-to-day? In Laura’s case, she is a stay-at-home mom. She is a homeschooling mom with four active children. You’re a busy mom.
Laura: Busy mom.

Carol: Busy mom which is a type three mom. I’m sure she’s just amazing. And so Sarah has taken that into consideration. And Sarah, you’ve done a great job…

Sarah: Thank you.

Carol: …picking this wonderful outfit for a mom that can still look amazing as a type three rich dynamic woman.

Sarah: Yes.

Carol: Laura, what’s your first impression of this, what Sarah has pulled together for you?

Laura: Some of these things I would never have picked out. The jacket I wouldn’t have with the color, and the shoes I probably wouldn’t have picked out either.

Carol: So you’ve been choosing very practical shoes.

Laura: Practical shoes.

Carol: Meaning, they’ve been more on the primarily what I call athletic shoes because you can move quickly and swiftly and they’re comfortable.

Laura: And they stay on my feet.

Sarah: That’s really common for type threes.

Carol: Yeah, it’s very common. What have you chosen for Laura? I’m really excited to see this.

Sarah: I’m excited to show you. Okay. This piece is wonderful and it’s gonna look amazing on you, Laura. Great angle here on the design line, nice dynamic texture in the pattern. It also has some of our gold right here, all throughout it and brings in the shoes which I’ll show you in a minute, great three-fourths sleeve, great for mom getting busy, push up her sleeves, and get to work. So this is a wonderful piece and I think it’s gonna look great on you. And I got this great outerwear. I wanted to show our type three audience some outerwear. You don’t have to wear it with this outfit. Obviously, in warmer weather you won’t, but this is a fantastic piece. And I think it will look great on you. Wonderful, dynamic design line here in the angled collar. Angles on the pockets creating some detailed feature that creates that, again, a dynamic, rich quality. And it’s a little more substantial. Type threes look great in leather. Do you like leather, Laura?

Laura: I love leather.

Carol: Do you own a leather jacket?

Laura: I do.

Carol: Is it gray? I’m kidding.

Laura: It was black. Charcoal, actually.

Carol: So this is that, your reference to this being a color you haven’t ever chosen for yourself.

Laura: Correct.

Carol: So it will be fun to see this on you. I love all the top stitching as well.

Sarah: Oh, yeah. Great top stitching. Now, moms, practical moms, you’ll be in jeans a lot.

Laura: All the time.

Sarah: Yes. So I’ve got some type three jeans to show you. These have some wonderful texture, that gold undertone which is perfect for type threes and wonderful top stitching. And my favorite part of this is the pocket. Look how great that is, Laura.

Laura: I love it.

Sarah: Do you? Great.

Carol: I love how it accentuates those deep swift angles.

Sarah: Yes. And this is a boot cut, so type threes look great in boot cut, creates a little bit of a flare and angle down at the bottom of the pant.

Laura: Great.

Sarah: So, look great on you. The shoes, we did mention those earlier. And I just wanna show our audience how awesome this brings in every part of this outfit. Now, it’s an angled feature here. And the thing that makes this shoe so wonderful is this gold right here on the toe. If this shoe didn’t have that, it would be kinda boring. I mean, just plain brown shoe, but adding that feature really makes it nice and interesting and really dynamic. And it brings in the gold from the shirt.

As a stay-at-home, you might think, can I really wear all that jewelry? Will it be too fancy? But yes, you can and it will look amazing on you. This is a nice substantial piece with some great angles, wonderful design lines. And it will be really beautiful right next to your face. I have paired it with a non-matching earring. And you don’t have to match all your sets. It doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy. You can do something completely different but still in your gold, still very rich, still very textured. I’ve added a cuff which is very nice and substantial, great texture. And have you ever worn cuffs before?

Laura: No.

Sarah: Okay, so this will be different for you.

Laura: It will be.

Sarah: But you’ll be able to still move really swift and get those things done. It’ll look beautiful on you.

Laura: I love that what you have chosen, Sarah, has some very classic type three shapes, a lot of angles, geometric shapes and actually points and triangles. Have you worn much jewelry?

Laura: Necklaces have come and gone and then bracelets, not really. I have a hard time with the comfort level and they get in my way.

Carol: So this will be great for you to know what beauty sixth sense, what you’re naturally drawn to. So you can choose pieces that you’re gonna love and feel are a whole part of the outfit. Because I know we’ve been dressing our truth for a while, and it feels incomplete if we don’t have a certain level of accessorizing.

Sarah: It’s so true.

Carol: You can see. You may not do this, but we can really chunk it up.

Sarah: You’ll feel naked without your jewelry. You will.

Carol: Now, your hair, are you concerned about anything with your hair?

Laura: I didn’t want it super short. And other than that, I’ve calmed myself down and letting go of that control, giving other people the final say. I’m like, “Oh, can I do that?” But I have and I’m confident in you guys because you guys always look amazing.

Carol: Well, I appreciate that. We have chatted with Laura about it, and she’s agreed to go the direction we’re suggesting that we think will really honor her beautiful…I love the dynamic quality of your face that we’re not seeing because your hair is quite soft right now.

Sarah: The beautiful jawline and cheekbones.

Carol: You have just such strength to your face.

Sarah: You do.

Carol: You really do.
Sarah: Gorgeous.

Carol: It really is. And then with makeup, have you implemented makeup in your daily routine of beauty?

Laura: Everyday, long time.

Carol: So you like makeup?

Laura: Love it.

Carol: Good. So it’ll be fun to put you in the colors that match your richness rather than that softer approach to you and your makeup. As we mature, we have that quality of more texture, more lines. And we’re catching you early, meaning you’re never gonna have to fight that in your appearance and say, “Oh, why do I look like I’m aging?” Because you’re always gonna work with your quality of beauty to bring it forward with adding the right movement around your face and your body that it will just soften your face. So it’d be great. You ready to go?

Laura: I am.

Carol: We’ll, we’re ready to support you. Thank you, Sarah.

Sarah: Thank you.

[00:10:27.584] [music] [00:10:53.143]

Carol: I’m confident Laura’s reveal will be amazing.

Sarah: It really is, Carol. I’m so excited for you to see her.

Carol: I am, too. So any surprises working with, Laura?

Sarah: No big surprises other than she’s incredibly exotic, and we’re finally gonna see that now.

Carol: Well, let’s take a look at her before picture. Is she ready?

Sarah: She is ready.

Carol: I’m ready to see her.

Sarah: All right, Laura. Come on out.

Carol: Wow. I don’t think I recognize you. Come on up here. Spectacularly exotic.

Sarah: I know. Look at those eyes.

Carol: Now, I love the makeup and your hair. Everything is bringing out these dynamic, very exotic eyes that you have. Very lioness.

Sarah: Oh yeah. I just wanna keep staring at you.

Carol: I love the chunky low lights mixed with the higher contrast highlights. Good choice.

Sarah: Yes. Oh my gosh.

Carol: Good choice. How do you like that?

Laura: I love it. I love the contrast.

Sarah: I love that it’s edgy but still very feminine.

Laura: I love that, too. I like both ends of the spectrum.

Sarah: Yeah.

Carol: How does the jewelry feel on you?

Laura: Great.

Carol: It’s a little more substantial.

Laura: Can barely feel it.

Carol: That’s how it should be. I love, too, that we’re just showing you with your T-shirt where we are not layering anything on it in your reveal. This is wonderful as well.

Sarah: This T-shirt is amazing with the V-neck three-quarter length sleeve. I mean, just a real practical but yet so gorgeous.

Carol: Yeah. It’s not like every type three has to have a jacket and a belt.

Sarah: I know, right?

Carol: You’ll go with that sometimes. Other times, you don’t. We do have your fabulous leather jacket that I need to grab over here.

Sarah: It’s such a neat piece.

Carol: I’ll let you do the honors.

Sarah: Can we? Okay, here we go. Okay. Look how awesome that is.

Carol: Whoo-hoo. That’s pretty amazing.

Sarah: It is incredible. How do you feel in this?

Laura: I love it. I do love leather and I love that it’s movable. I don’t feel stifled in it. I love it, yeah.

Carol: Is this your tendency to wanna now…we haven’t shown these, I don’t think, these fabulous brassy gold zippers.

Sarah: Zippers that go to an angle.

Carol: Is it your tendency to kinda push that up a bit so that… I like that look.
Laura: If I’m wearing it for a jacket, I probably wouldn’t but it is my tendency to pull my sleeves up.

Sarah: Cool.

Carol: It’s a fun look.

Sarah: So you could do either.
Carol: The shoes were a shift because you’re used to a little more athletic…

Laura: Keep them on my feet.

Carol: How do they feel?

Laura: They feel great. They do.

Sarah: Comfortable but yet practical.

Laura: And I don’t feel like I have to try to keep them on my feet. That’s big.

Carol: Yeah. Well that, you wouldn’t wear them.

Laura: I know.

Carol: That would just bother you, you’d say, “I can’t wear those shoes.”

Laura: And I do.

Carol: Now, those pieces are perfect because they can be put with anything. They’re very classic type three shapes. We’ve got your triangles… You wanna put them with…

Laura: I do love the diamond.

Sarah: Is that your favorite part of the outfit?

Laura: Yes, I do love the necklace and that it’s diamond and it has that two-tone in the texture. I love that.

Sarah: It’s so cool.

Carol: Well, your eyes are outstanding.

Laura: Thank you.

Carol: You have just these beautiful green eyes. I love the makeup you’ve chosen, Sarah, because it’s just that brushed gold look on her lid.

Sarah: Yeah. It’s really…

Carol: With the green.

Sarah: …natural. So it just really brings out that exotic quality. That’s the word I keep going to because seriously, this woman is exotic.
Laura: Thank you.

Carol: Supermodel exotic, like wow. Well, let me grab the style guide so we can again see that this all working. We’ve got so much color working within the…your tee.

Sarah: Purples and oranges, tans, golds, really nice.

Carol: And the jean working with that washed gold effect. The jewelry is working. Your makeup is all connecting. And so again, we can say yes, Laura, you are expressing a rich, dynamic angular texture dynamic swift movement. It’s all there. Your outfit is expressing that true to who you are as a woman. How does it feel to now be seen for who you are, to have that come forward in your appearance?

Laura: Amazing because it is really hard to be taken for something that you’re not or to accidentally offend people. And so if I can wear what people will expect, I’m okay with that.

Carol: And actually, because people are now inviting that, there’s less effort in being that, you actually come into more ease.

Sarah: That’s right.

Carol: You know, the ease of expression of who we are and we just don’t feel like we have to bottle it up because this is such a constant reminder of living true to ourselves.

Sarah: Energetically, we’re matching. So it’s almost like our souls just feel more comfortable and are able to express more authentically.

Carol: In our bodies as well. It feels so correct on our bodies. So you will not be missing your soft muted colors.

Laura: Okay.

Carol: You look back and go, “I really wore that? Really? What was I thinking?” Well, Sarah has a wonderful challenge to invite you to participate in.

Sarah: Yeah. So for the next 30 days, we wanna challenge you to dress your truth full on. So that means all pieces, your hair, your makeup, wardrobe, accessories, and true to all elements of dressing your truth. And as you do that, we know that at the end of the 30 days, you’re gonna feel incredible and never look back.

Laura: Great. I’ll take that challenge.

Carol: You’re ready. Type threes invite that very readily because once you get it, you move pretty swiftly into that process of transitioning your wardrobe. We’re great at finding good deals. We love a good deal.

Laura: I do love a good deal. Yes. I’m excited for that.

Carol: I am, too. I’m excited for you to really be honored for the rich, dynamic woman that you are and not to feel like you have to keep yourself hidden, keep that movement hidden, then feeling angry about that.

Laura: No more anger.

Carol: You’ll be the happiest woman around. So here’s your style guide.

Laura: Well, thank you.

Carol: We wanna share that with you. All the five elements are on the back to continue to remind you. The course is available as your constant resource, all of the resources we have in the course are. Make sure you come back to it, revisit, go through the content. True to your nature, we like to move through things pretty quickly, get what’s useful, move forward, but I know the dressing your truth world, the more we pay attention to different teachings and understandings, the more we can apply and really find ourselves in it because we want you to express your beauty as a type three woman, not ours but yours.

Laura: Yes. I want to have my own beauty, too.

Carol: Well, thank you, Sarah.

Sarah: Yes, thank you. Thank you, Laura.

Carol: You just again done a fabulous job.

Laura: Thank you for everything.

Carol: You’ve been amazing to work with.

Laura: Thank you.

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