How to Have a Comfortable Expression of Bold: Mette’s Before & After

Are you holding back, afraid of offending or being too much?

What does it mean to be bold? Could you be resisting the outward expression because of negative judgments?

Wondering what it looks like to have a balanced expression of being and looking bold? Join me and my Type 4 Expert, Kalista, as we walk Mette through a makeover that takes her from a “well-dressed woman” to a bold beautiful woman in tune with her own sense of style and confidence.

Mette is a stunning Type 4 woman who had felt the strength of her inner boldness but was afraid to express that outwardly and in her style, (00:44) because she didn’t want to offend or come across as stubborn or intimidating. She wasn’t seeing progress, so she did nothing—until now! What do you think of her stunning transformation? Watch how she looks more confident in this “I feel wow” style!

In this Before & After we talk about (The makeover begins at 4:24):
  • (1:51) What healthy boldness looks like.
  • (3:07) How these three keywords will ground you in this process.
  • (4:44) How your Style Guide helps you find your Type’s version of your favorite color.

If holding back doesn’t feel right to you, you’ll love this insightful Before & After about expressing boldness with honor, respect, and dignity.

Embrace the balanced and healthy expression of your own natural beauty with my free Beginner’s Guide.

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Video Transcript

Carol: Mette, welcome to the show.

Mette: Thank you.

Carol: And Mette is my guest today and she’s a beautiful, bold, striking Type 4 woman. Now I’m curious. In the descriptive, I share that a Type 4 woman is a bold, striking woman. What does it mean to you to be bold?

Mette: For me, it’s more internal. Not so much external that I see. I find myself very bold when I make decisions or if I make life decisions. That’s the way it should be and then that’s the way. Very firm, bold decisions.

Carol: Before dressing your truth and energy profiling, what did bold mean?

Mette: That I was very stubborn, so I’ve heard.

Carol: That it had kind of negative references?

Mette: Yes, I was stubborn and people were a little scared of me.

Carol: So that wasn’t favorable then?

Mette: No.

Carol: Okay. Because my sense with you is that as you’re now redefining bold, that I think you’re still holding back on that outer expression of boldness because of the feedback you’ve been given is those aren’t favorable qualities. Those are attributes you need to stop in a way. And so what I’m noticing in both your emotional expression of self is how does Mette really express outwardly a bold quality? Because what I’m seeing missing in sort of you being you is this, what’s healthy boldness is an expression of boldness, because that’s the biggest piece that’s missing in your whole look. So that says to me you’re a little bit afraid of the bold and you’re afraid of your own boldness because you don’t want to offend anyone.

Mette: No, I don’t.

Carol: What is healthy boldness?

Mette: Please tell me.

Carol: You’re the Type 4.

Mette: Probably in what you’re saying is, since I’m being careful going there, I haven’t been there very much. So I’m more comfortable being in what I know, but I’m sure if I would dare to, I would love it.

Carol: Well, you know, I think a lot of it’s in delivery. And I think what happens with Type 4 people, women and men, you’ll withhold, you’ll withhold, you’ll withhold and all of a sudden the bold will kind of overpour. It will come pouring out, and it’s too strong of a statement of boldness. So what does it look like to have a balanced expression of being bold? And I don’t know, you know, I’d have to hang out with you for a few days to go, “There. You did it there.” I think you know where you’re making the compromise. Where, because you’ve attached to the belief that it’s not okay and it’s not welcomed. So what is an okay, welcomed form of boldness, staying true to yourself that’s received by others in gratitude, in the right place, in situations that it’s valuable.

Mette: I tried to have the three words that I’ve heard you say. To have honor, respect, and dignity when I’m being bold.

Carol: You’ll notice you’ll be given opportunities to practice this.

Mette: They will come.

Carol: We are all given those.

Mette: No, and I know I will get them.

Carol: Well, I am really excited for you to meet Kalista because she’s prepared some really striking and some bold expressions in your style to help you bring that out to really create Mette’s look. What is your style? Because you know, you look like a well-dressed woman. There’s not any kind of, “This is me, this is my personal expression of my style.” Let’s meet Kalista.

[00:03:54] [music] [00:04:24]

Carol: Hi Kalista.

Kalista: Hi Carol. Hello.

Carol: This is Mette.

Kalista: It’s nice to meet you, Mette.

Mette: Nice to meet you.

Carol: Yes. Let’s talk about some of the things you’re currently doing just so our viewers and you can learn some of the little things that you might think could be Type 4, but they’re kind of leaning towards another type. For one, let’s talk about your sweater. Go ahead Kalista, show her the style guide. The sweater in the design line’s great.

Kalista: Right. It does. It has the structure. It’s got clean lines. But as you can see, when we put the style guide up to her top, it’s washed out. Mette, you look a little…you know, it’s washed out. It has more of a Type 1 feel to it. It’s lighter. It doesn’t have intensity. As we’ve talked about before, you can do a tint in the Type 4 world, but it has to have an iced finish. Your top has a more of a matte finish which is absorbing the light rather than reflecting it in the clear way that a Type 4 icy tint would.

Carol: With your accessories, they’re very simple. They could fit into the Type 4 choice for a style and yet they do again, lean a little more towards Type 1. Because we have, you know, your pearls, of course, they’re circles, but the fact that they’re well placed, they’re very stationary. Your watch is great. Again, what we’re missing as we talked about earlier, is this expression of boldness that you’re holding back from. So what have you chosen, Kalista?

Kalista: So we definitely have gone bold with our selections. So I picked out this top for you. I know you love baby pink as you said before, so we’re doing a pink. It’s definitely in the bold category 100%. It’s hot pink, it’s clean, it’s one solid color. I think you’re gonna find this…it feels good and it’s going to help bring out that expression. When you dress boldly, that natural expression of bold happens so effortlessly. We’re gonna do that and support that with this.

We paired it with a slim white Jean, it has a nice clean finish. It’s gonna look really great with this beautiful top. With accessories, we’ve chosen… I picked this out for you. I love, love, love, love these shoes. They are so bold in that they’re one clean reflective silver piece. It’s gonna pick up the pink nicely. You’re gonna be able to wear these with so many things. They are just really a multi-purpose shoe for a Type 4. You’re gonna love them so much. And we have gone all silver in the jewelry, and the reason for this is this top is so bold in and of itself, we want to support that boldness with these silver accessories. So we have this beautiful bracelet and these earrings we’ve gotten with the matching pair with the necklace and the earrings together so that it creates connection and the clean one solid, bold piece fill.

Carol: With your hair, I’ve noticed you’re not coloring it. This is your natural color. Your cut is fabulous. It has really clean lines, very structured. If we may move in a direction to create some boldness, are you okay with that?

Mette: Absolutely. Do whatever you like.

Carol: Okay. I’m not gonna give anything away because we’re gonna create some anticipation.

Mette: Super excited.

Carol: We’re excited to support you in claiming and living your true self fully. So let’s get started.

Mette: Let’s get started.

[00:07:33] [music] [00:08:03]

Carol: Kalista, you’ve certainly brought the bold look into Mette’s style.

Kalista: Oh yes. It is bold. Bold is the word.

Carol: Yes. And stunning, like sort of jaw-dropping. There is that quality in the Type 4 world that the energy goes still. There’s a quietness and that’s certainly the kind of effect I have when I look at her.

Kalista: It is true. It is true. She is breathtaking. Yes.

Carol: So let’s invite her so you can enjoy her beauty as well. Please join us, Mette.

Kalista: Yay. Oh, it’s so exciting. Thank you.

Mette: Thank you.

Carol: I love it. I just love it. Now that Mette is wearing this fabulous outfit, let’s talk a little bit about how it’s all come together. Her hair.

Kalista: Well like we talked about before, we’ve gone with two main colors. We have the pink and the white accented with the silver from the top to the bottom so it creates that nice clean, consistent look all the way down. And with her hair, oh so exciting. Her hair was really beautiful to start with and it had a great quality that was very Type 4, but we’ve taken it just to that next level with toning the back to make it a little darker and lightening this front area to create that boldness that we’re going for here from this look.

Carol: I’m gonna have you just do a little rotation here because I want them to see. We’re going to pause there because you can see the two, the contrast then.

Kalista: Yeah, with the dark and then up to the light.

Carol: And your hair doesn’t look colored. It actually looks very natural. In fact, people will see this and think you just have this beautiful white highlight that’s so natural looking for you. We suggest and we recommend that we typically choose between a necklace and an earring, and I know you’ve chosen both. How do you like that?

Mette: It’s good. I like it when they’re so small. If they would be bigger, I would have chosen one…

Kalista: One or the other.

Mette: Yes.

Carol: So that feels balanced to you, which is important. Now your makeup, we’ve kicked that up a bit. The bold lip. How do you feel about that?

Mette: It’s bold.

Carol: But it’s interesting because when we look at you, Mette, we’re not seeing your lips. What we’re seeing is how blue your eyes are.

Kalista: It’s true.

Carol: Isn’t that a fascinating thing that you’d think all anyone would see is your lips, but the balance with your eyes and now we see how stunning your eyes are.

Mette: Thank you so much.

Carol: I love it. This is a go-everywhere, any-day look. Very casual, but just wow.

Mette: I feel wow.

Carol: Good. Thanks for watching, everyone.


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